2nd section of the South Leinster Way

The second part of the South Leinster Way stretches from Nine Stones to Borris. This is an easy walking path that most walkers will have no trouble in completing. Just like the first path, this section of the walking route is also about eleven kilometres long. There is very little or no climbing involved on this section of the route. Three hours is the estimated time that average walkers will likely take to finish walking on this path. Walkers will get to admire the Nine Stones which is a pre-historic alignment of stones. Slievebawn is also located close to this trail. The meaning of Slievebawn is White Mountain. It becomes obvious why it is called by this name when you walk up this heap of stones or cairn. There are large pieces of quartz and other metal containing rocks at this site that can shine quite brightly in the sunlight. There is also a huge quartz outcrop here that is a beautiful sight to behold. The views at this place are also fantastic. The beautiful Valley of the River Barrow is a nice place to visit that offers peace and tranquillity amid some spectacular views. The Comeragh Mountains and Slievenamon can also be seen from here.

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