5 best pints of Guinness in Dublin


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Home of The Dubliners themselves, O’Donoghues boosts a big pedigree and lives it up to it with a sumptuously creamy glass of Guinness. Weekends in this pub will have you shoulder to shoulder with the other patrons but don’t worry about long waiting times for your pint, there are enough bars and service nooks to keep a Roman army pleasantly merry. And with the Guinness constantly flowing you can get it immediately and not have to suffer through that horrible two minutes of looking at it settle while your mouth waters uncontrollably!

The Confession Box

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This north side pub is not only home to an outstanding sup of the black but also has a delightful town house vibe that seems to enhance that expertly poured Guinna. Downstairs is routinely jammed and has a great party atmosphere, full of trad session music courtesy of a crooner stuck into a hole in the corner, which happily saves the space for those doing the real labour of knocking back pints. If your looking for something a little more quite though there is an upstairs with tables and chairs for a more relaxed setting.

The Grave diggers

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Situated beside the historic Glasnevin cemetery, the aptly named Grave Diggers is a great pub with an old school feel. No tv here just as it was in the glory days, get a perfect pint of the great stout and some great pub grub on this Dublin stalworth.


best Guinness in Dublin
The Baggot street landmark is almost as old as Guinness itself which maybe explains why they can pour such perfect pint of Arthur’s finest. Come for a drop of a pure, stay for the history and atmosphere.

The Cobblestone

things to do in Dublin
Smithfield’s the Cobblestone may seem slightly out of the way but its worth the walk. The warm and cosy pub is said to be the choice establishment for several celebrities with a fondness of Guinness including Billy Connelly. If it’s good enough for Billy it’s good enough for us!

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