5 drinks perfect for summer

With the sun finally peering out of the oft dreary Irish sky, summer feels like it may at last have arrived. Of course, things being what they are it’s likely to last about as long as a Las Vegas wedding. We had better make the most of it while it lasts so in that vein here are our top picks for summer drinks!


The Rolls Royce of cervezas, purists will claim you simply must have a lime wedge to fully appreciate it but we think it’s just as good without it. I mean so long as it’s cold it’s gonna go down a treat. Scientists believe, and studies show that after a long hot day the first bottle is typically drank in less than eight seconds.

Blue Moon

Forget that it’s a Miller-Coors beer masquerading as a craft beer, blue moon earns its premium price with its smooth, creamy orange full bodied taste. Pull a bottle of this out of a bucket of ice, feel the perfectly chilled glass in your hand, see that bead of water drip off the bottom, crack that baby open and try to stop your mouth watering before taking that first frothy, frosty, satisfying gulp.


That kick you feel when you gulp down that unique tasting desperado is tequila flavouring, or so they say. Who cares what it is when it tastes this good! Although this endorsement comes with a stern warning, make sure you get the original and not the new ‘verde’ flavour. It tastes like Baldy McDonough’s mouth wash.

Gin & tonic

Crisp refreshing and classy. That pretty much sums up the classic G&T. A good G&T is like a cool breeze on a hot day or like an anti-Jagger bomb. Unlike corona, lime is a must here and if you really wanna get it right squeeze the juice out of one wedge and add another on the side. If you don’t have ice in it you should feel ashamed of yourself.

Strawberry daiquiri

It’s a slush puppy with booze, what more do you want?

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