Ardsollus Farm

The Ardsollus Farm is an old, spacious, 3-star and tourism award winning dwelling nestling on a huge working farm of 120 acres in Ennis. The house is a fifth generation family home. Besides retaining old world charm, the farmhouse also endows with modern amenities. The place has plenty of local attractions to enjoy available at the doorstep. These include touring to the Cliffs of Moher and Burren, golfing, gardens, fishing etc.

Style, luxury and comfort are put together nicely while providing accommodation meeting three star standards. It comprises of en-suite single and double bed rooms, sun lounge, sitting area, kitchen, gardens and private parking area. Provision of necessary goods is ensured in all rooms. There are antique furnishings and elegant interior throughout the house. Its homely atmosphere and family friendly premises will indeed add more to your relaxing vacations. It also offers an exclusive package of diverse amenities.

Staying at Ardsollus farmhouse will be proven a golden cherishing memory in the rest of your lives. If you have ever visited the place and want to share the experience, drop your post here.

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