Barrow Way

The Barrow Way is a walking trail stretching over a pretty long distance of 114km. This route is located between Robertsown and St. Mullins and comprises of ten sections. Each section is supposed to be completed in about half a day. The first section of this trail starts from Robertsown and ends at Rathangan. This section is located in County Kildare in the Leinster province. The distance to be covered on this route is pretty long at about fourteen kilometres but due to the almost non existent climbing involved here, this is classified as an easy section for walkers. About four and a half hours should be enough to finish walking this trail. The road portion of this walking section can be busy with traffic so caution is advised. Ballyteigue Castle can be found along this route. Many species of birds can be found along the canal side here. These include hawks, kingfishers and herons. When walkers reach very close to Rathangan, they will get to view the Hill of Allen towards the south. This hill is easily recognizable with a tower at its peak.

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