Bere Island

Bere Island is an extremely beautiful place located near the Beara Peninsula in County Cork. The beauty of the scenery and the unspoilt surroundings make this place quite desirable for walking enthusiasts. Bere Island can be reached by taking a ferry from Castletownbere. There are two walking loops here that can take about eight hours to complete if you decide to try both of them. The west side of the island is home to the West Island Loop. When you reach the pier here, a track extending to ten kilometres will introduce you to the main attractions of this island. Depending on your walking speed, this can take anywhere from four to five hours. You will have to climb a hill that is more than two hundred metres high. Here you will be treated to awe-inspiring views of Bantry Bay and the two peninsulas of Beara and Sheep’s Head. The Ardnakinna Lighthouse here is also a fine sight to behold. Continue downhill and you will arrive back at the pier. The Rerrin Loop is on the east side of the island in the village of Rerrin. This walking route is six kilometres long. There are lots of structures here that have historical and military importance. The Martello Towers were built for the purpose of defence against attacks from Napoleon in 1796. Two of the four towers can be found here. There are also seven gun batteries to be found here, reminding tourists of the British rule in the past. The walk will end back at the village where you can choose to mingle with the friendly locals and enjoy their fine restaurants and pubs.

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