Birr Castle Kitchen

The Castle Kitchen in Birr Castle in County Offaly is a restaurant where you can rest assured that the cooking of dishes will always deviate from the norm. This provides you with unique tastes that will simply stimulate your taste buds with more joy and pleasure than they can handle. In regular restaurants and coffee shops, potato salad is offered with mayonnaise. But in Castle Kitchen, you can enjoy this potato salad with olive oil vinaigrette that tastes much better. Pepper salads and homemade soups prove to be nice indulgences. The stuffed pancakes prepared here are some of the best you will ever eat. The irresistibly delicious and sumptuous marinated venison with juniper berries is prepared from game acquired from the castle’s own estate grounds. The desserts offered here are mouth-wateringly tempting, especially the praline cake which simply must not be missed if you visit this fantastic restaurant.

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