Cajun cooking at Tante Zoe’s

Tante Zoe’s has a highly suitable motto for the Temple Bar leisure and pleasure zone of inner Dublin. It reads: “Let the good times roll.”

No better place to start than this Cajun-Creole restaurant where the menu is peppered with Southern style flavoursome dishes. Even the darne of salmon is seasoned with Cajun spices. For an out-and-out Louisiana dish, try the roast breast of duck which is glazed with honey and mustard and topped with crisp bacon slices.

It would be wrong to assume that this restaurant is geared to American visitors, welcome though they are, the truth is – holiday makers from many nations, and the local population, find its menu especially appetising.

With 220 tables on three floors, Tante Zoe’s is in serious business on a large scale serving such lovely items as Plantation Cheese Log, Alabama Rissoles, Cajun meatballs, served fondue style with a hot spicy cheese sauce; or Cajun Calamari. Inevitably Surf and Turf features, but worth exploring is the Jambalavas section which offers Lou-Lou Mae for €19.50. What’s Lou-Lou Mae? It consists of turkey, pork, ham and a spicy sausage. This is a real meat-lover’s dish served with garlic bread and tossed salad.

Steaks also have a significant place on the menu. Of course Rib Eye merits its place. Convincingly, the Cajun-Creole Restaurant, with a large capacity for business, proves a point – Southern Cajun food is popular in Dublin.

T e l : 679 4407

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