Can Kanye become stronger in Ireland?

Kanye West may be the biggest name in hip hop for most of the world, but based on record sales, 50 Cent is the man in Ireland.

50 Cent vowed to stop making solo albums if Kanye West’s Graduation sold more than his own album, Curtis. In most countries, 50 Cent has been blown out of the water, except for Ireland.

So is Kanye West bringing his excellent live show to Dublin and Belfast to help him get a clean sweep?

He certainly deserves it. Kanye West’s brand of hip hop is more imaginative and political than Fiddy’s gangsta fodder.

In fact, Kanye West is a controversial figure in the US, never afraid to criticise the government or the macho posturing of the hip hop community.

If you haven’t heard Kanye West yet, this live show is a great chance to discover his music. Kanye puts on a great live show, and even if 50 Cent is more popular in Ireland, tickets are sure to sell fast.

Find out more about Kanye West in Dublin or Belfast. Or get tickets for Kanye West live from Ticketmaster.

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