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Glocca Morra B&B

The Glocca Morra country homes provide you B&B services and accommodations of their own kinds. It’s situated in the tranquil settings of Ogonnelloe providing the guests an ideal base for touring Limerick, Clare, Galway and Tipperary. Besides touring camps, you can also enjoy its various other local amenities which include horse racing, angling, sightseeing etc.

The accommodation of each country home comprises of en suite bedrooms, sitting area, dinning room, Kitchen etc. Rooms are equipped with the articles meeting the needs of the guests. Facilities like tea/coffee, TV, internet and direct dial facility are provided in each room. You will feel more comfy in its homely atmosphere. Private and secure parking area is provided.

Doolin Cottage B&B

The Doolin Cottage B&B is a scenic dwelling and is only of its kind in its environment, services and living facilities. It is nestling in the eye-catching gardens, adjacent to the breathtaking Aille River. Gardens are nicely maintained with wild flowers and shrubs and a picnic table with chairs for the guest use.

Local amenities are available on hand which include touring, angling, pony trekking, shopping and many more. You can also enjoy evening entertainment in nearby pubs.?

Its accommodation includes spacious well equipped rooms, neat and tidy bathrooms with shower, fully fitted kitchen, dinning room, sitting room and adequately managed gardens. The house has exquisitely designed interior with friendly atmosphere. Guests visiting the Doolin Cottage are endowed with variety of top-class services.

Bed & Breakfasts in Dublin

Dublin is a stylish merge of prosperous heritage and modern traits. Irish capital has a lot of mesmerizing things and places for the people in its grand magic-box. Adding up the eye-catching landscapes is the stunningly built places for your stay; and enchanting bed and breakfast inns are one of these places. This balmy and gracious metropolis is the ideal location for the visitors to stay for a soothing and audacious holiday. Dublin Bed n’ Breakfast houses offer dreamy trips, providing accommodations to the travellers, business people; it also serves as a venue for meetings, reunions and many more things.

Booking an accommodation in Dublin, Ireland – Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 of this article discussed factors such as your budget, and location that need to be considered when making a booking for your visit to Dublin and Ireland. Dublin is divided into 5 major divisions, namely Temple Bar (City Centre), North City Centre, South City Centre, North County and South County. The locations near the city centre are closest to the popular tourist attractions and also have the most popular pubs and restaurants. The areas further from the city centre are ideal for people who want some privacy, and who want to stay away from the busy life of the heart of the city.

When choosing an accommodation, you should also consider factors like the type of accommodation. Dublin offers a number of accommodation types, which include Hotels, Hostels, Guesthouses, Townhouses, Apartments, Bed and Breakfasts and Self Catering Apartments. These accommodation types are discussed in this part of the article.

Hotels Dublin has a chain of hotels each providing quality service in its arena. All these hotels cater to the needs of the clients and ensure that the guests feel at home with their staff and services. All hotels in Dublin have bars. For a list of hotels in Dublin, Ireland, visit

Hostels Hostels in Dublin are available to provide warm service and accommodation to both students and travellers. They provide economical and budget accommodation to backpackers or to those who are on budget vacation. Hostels also provide an ideal accommodation for students, and have the facility of letting you choose whether you want to have a separate room or are comfortable in sharing a large room with other people. A list of popular hostels in Dublin, Ireland is given at Dublin Events.

Guesthouses Dublin has a wide variety of top class guesthouses each competing in providing the true Irish welcome to its guests. They are one fine option to ponder about when considering accommodation in Dublin. Some guesthouses boast of traditional décor suitably coupled with all the latest modern amenities for perfect leisure and perfect relaxation for the business and leisure guest. Find some great Guesthouses in Dublin, Ireland and book your stay with them on your next visit.

Townhouses Dublin’s townhouses are rightly boasted of being the finest in the country as each provides services which are second to none. Majority of the townhouses are situated in the heart of Dublin making easy reach possible to the city attractions. For a list of Townhouses in Dublin, visit Dublin Events

Apartments Dublin’s traditional Victorian inspired large houses are being replaced by the contemporary lifestyles of living, where people are now acquiring and living in apartments. These apartments are not only compact, but also hold all the required essentials for both travellers and residents. Find all information about apartments and shared houses in Dublin, Ireland online.

Bed and Breakfasts Dublin Bed n’ Breakfasts offer Romantic Vacations, accommodations for Business Travellers, venue for meetings, reunions, weddings and have many more things in the offering. Each Bed n Breakfast accommodation has distinctive style, which adhere to the highest standards of excellence in accommodations, facilities, culinary delights, and guest services. You will experience some real top-quality Bed n Breakfast experience in this part of Europe. To get a list of some of the Bed and Breakfasts in Dublin, check online at

Self Catering Apartments Self Catering accommodation offers a wide selection of self-contained properties ranging from apartments, holiday cottages, apartments and other holiday complexes. They are available for rental over a short or long period, and provide tourists with comfort and privacy. These self-catering accommodations are available in different price ranges depending on the services they have in the offering. Dublin Events lists some of the self catering apartments and accommodation available for rent in Dublin, Ireland.

These articles will help you choose an appropriate choice for your stay in Dublin based on your budget options, area/location where you plan to stay and your selection of living. For more detailed information on availability and online booking facilities for accommodations in Dublin, visit Our accommodations resource will help you pick the best deal for your visit. You will also find some special deals on hotels and other accommodations as well as hot deals, and accommodation for major events like the upcoming Ryder Cup. Online booking facility is also available so that you can book your accommodation well in advance.

Booking an accommodation in Dublin, Ireland – Part 2

Part 1 of this article discussed several factors that need to be considered when making a booking for your visit to Dublin and Ireland. A number of 5 star hotels in Dublin offer first class services. For people looking for cheap accommodation, budget accommodation, 1 and 2 star accommodations are best suited for them. Superior and Deluxe accommodations are also available for booking for people looking for a little luxury and style, without making it expensive.

You should keep in mind your budget, the location where you will be staying and the type of accommodation you are looking for, when coming to Dublin, Ireland. This article discusses location of hotels and other accommodations that should be considered when making a booking.


Dublin is divided into 5 major divisions. When making a booking for your stay in Dublin City, you should make sure of the location you will be staying in. Some of the locations near the city centre are close to all the top tourist attractions and provide easy access to them. Most of the popular restaurants and pubs are also located close to the City Centre, which makes this area best suited for tourists and travellers.

Some of the areas away from the City Centre provide privacy, as they are away from the busy life of the heart of the city.

Temple Bar This area is also known as the City Centre, and is the heart of Dublin. Temple Bar has a lot of popular hotels, which offer an ideal location for travellers and visitors who prefer to stay in the heart of Dublin. A list of hotels in Dublin City Centre, Temple Bar are given at

North City Centre This is the area to the North of Temple Bar. It is ideal for people who want to live away from the hustle and bustle of the heart of the city, yet staying close to the City Centre, to avoid travelling costs. This area is also easily accessible from the Dublin Airport and Port. Find a list of hotels situated in North City Centre Dublin, Ireland here.

South City Centre This area is to the South of Dublin City Centre, mainly lying to the South of River Liffey. This is again suited for people who want some privacy, away from the heart of the city, yet being close to the main tourist attractions. This area is mainly a residential area and is home to some great hotels and restaurants. A list of Hotels in South City Centre Dublin can be found at

North County The area of North County Dublin has the Dublin Airport, which makes it suitable for the business traveller. Some of the best golf courses of Dublin are also found in the North County region. The North County region also has lovely sandy beaches, and is suitable for people who want to live in a calm and tranquil environment. A number of hotels are? situated in North County Dublin, Ireland, ideal for the regular traveller.

South County The South County region of Dublin is the region adjoining County Wicklow. The region is full of both natural and social amenities. A number of golf facilities are available in South County Dublin. This area is also famous for its walks in the Dublin Mountains and is dotted with pretty seaside villages. South County Dublin is easily accessible from the city centre by rail. Find some great hotels in South County Dublin, Ireland at Dublin Events.

The next part of the article will talk about the type of accommodations available for booking in Dublin, Ireland. Some of the popular ones include Hotels, Hostels, Guesthouses, Townhouses, Bed and Breakfasts and Self Catering Apartments.