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St. Patrick’s Festival

St. Patrick’s Festival is now by far the biggest annual event in the country providing entertainment for all interests and ages. The Festival programme has music, theatre, family carnivals, comedy, street arts, visual arts, dance, a treasure hunt, symposium, cavalcades of vintage cars and much more. To learn more details about the festivities, celebrations and happenings all over Ireland during Saint Patrick’s Festival, visit the section of Patrick’s Day on Dublin Events.

International Puppet Festival

The grand International Puppet Festival

Folks!! Do you expect a bit extraordinary from a culture-enriched city like Dublin?
Yes, Dublin provides people of all age groups a true opportunity to enjoy “The Grand International Puppet Festival”.

Puppets… the love of every child!

The grand International Puppet Festival has got ample to tempt the citizens of Ireland and the tourists coming all over the world every year. Puppets from all over the world come here every year to entertain the spectators. Visit Exhibition of Puppets to get information at length.

Temple Bar Trad, Irish Music & amp; Culture Festival

Temple Bar Trad, Irish Music & Culture Festival

Temple Bar Trad, Irish Music & Culture Festival brings you a lively four day celebration of traditional Irish music and culture, including live concerts from some of Ireland’s most talented musicians, showcase concerts, workshops, music pub trail, festival club, family events, story telling, photo exhibition and much more!. The festival will be commenced on Jan 25 till Jan 28. Get more information by browsing the section, Dublin Events Festivals.

Festivals in September, October and November

In September, be sure to visit Galway for the largest food festival in Ireland. Called the Galway International Oyster Festival, this event sees almost 100,000 oysters consumed by the visitors! There’s also lots of dancing, music and fun to be had here. Travel to Cork City at the end of October for the Cork Jazz Festival and discover the magical music played by hundreds of musicians in the largest annual Jazz event of Ireland. From the middle of October to early November, you can enjoy three great opera productions as well as lots of music, fireworks, concerts and parties in the Wexford Opera Festival.

Irish festivals in July/August

In July, tourists can visit Galway County for the Galway Arts Festival, where they will be treated to entertainment in almost all its forms. August is an especially busy month with regard to festivals in Ireland. The Waterford Spraoi Street Festival attracts a huge number of tourists. The number of people in the parade alone can reach almost 70,000! Muff Festival is a wacky and bizarre event lasting three days with lots of competitions and weird happenings. Beware of entering pubs during this event or you may get slapped with a fine for looking weird! The Puck Fair also lasts three days and features a horse fair, open air concerts at night, parade, a coronation ceremony for King Puck and an almost blinding display of dazzling fireworks. The Kilkenny Arts Festival continues for 10 days. A myriad of activities can be enjoyed here by the tourists which include dance, theatre, films, outdoor events and musical events featuring classical, jazz and traditional Irish music. Rose of Tralee International Festival is a magnificent event with parades, theatre and street entertainment with the main attraction being a spectacular beauty contest. It is one of the most watched events on television in Ireland. Last but not the least, visit Clonmel in County Tipperary for the Fleadh Cheoil, a massive music competition featuring artists from all over Ireland. All these exciting festivals and more take place in August so keep this in mind when planning your vacation in Ireland if you want to see the culture and traditions? of Ireland in all their glory.