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Donny Osmond gives mums and grans a thrill with a live gig in Dublin

Donny Osmond gives a live music performance here in Dublin on 30 October at Vicar Street. This is one live music event in Dublin that will draw huge fans from across Ireland.

Donny is sure to enjoy himself in Dublin’s fair city where the girls are so pretty! Although the girls that idolised him as a teen are likely to be your mum or your granny, so why not give them a treat with tickets to see Donny in Dublin.

Book tickets for Donny Osmond’s live gig in Dublin now at Dublin Events.

For some reason I always want to say Donny Osbourne when I say Donny’s name, it’s a bit of a tongue twister for me. It probably stems from the Pepsi Twist advert that starred Donny and his sister Marie turned into Ozzy’s son and daughter!

See the ad here, on YouTube, Ozzy is hilarious!

As well as appearing in TV adverts, Donny has enjoyed a varied career, from a singing sensation (starting out at the age of four) as part of “The Osmonds”, to a duo with his sister Marie as a musical act and then co-host of the Donny and Marie Show in the 70s.

Now approaching 50, Donny continues his career starring in musicals and touring, charming audiences throughout the world. So book tickets for the gig in Dublin now and be prepared to be charmed!

No umberella ella ellas needed at Rihannas live music events in Ireland

Rihanna’s live music events take place in Dublin on Sunday 2 December and Belfast on Monday 3 December, and as they’re both indoor gigs there’s no need to bring along an umbrella. Mind you the last gig I was at I got soaked with a pint of beer, so standing under someone’s umbrella-ella-ella-ella-ella, eh-oh- oh oh oh, mightn’t be such a bad idea after aaaall.

Book tickets for Rihanna’s gig in Dublin

Book tickets for the live event in Belfast

Umbrella was the theme tune for many a summer festival and extremely catchy! The latest single Shut Up and Drive is equally as catchy and set to be the theme tune for a drive.

I was watching the making of the Shut Up And Drive video with great pleasure on MTV earlier this week.

I really like all of the effort that went into sourcing the classic cars not to mention the young ladies washing them (ahem) of course I was looking at the cars, not the ladies, don’t mistake me for some kind of pervert!

The video is as slick as Rihanna’s new hairdo – have a look for yourself.

Enjoy the gigs!


Red, the MS Ireland reading superhero, is urging you to sign up to this year’s MS READaTHON. The 2007 READaTHON is extra special, because it is the 20th birthday of this great sponsored read.

Children who join in will get to read some of their favourite stories and they will be raising money for the 7,000 in Ireland who who living with Multiple Sclerosis.

During last year’s READaTHON, more than more than 30,000 children aged 6-16 read over 500,000 books, raising €1.2million for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland. Red and everyone else hopes the 2007 READaTHON will be even bigger.

The MS READaTHON runs from 19th October – 19th November. This year it is supported by lots of famous authors, including Jacqueline Wilson – the creator of Tracy Beaker.

Children can take part in the MS READaTHON individually or classes can be signed up by their teacher. Everyone who takes part will recieve a thank you gift and a Certificate of Appreciation.

There is also the change to win lots of major prizes, including a computer, a trip for two to see Manchester United play at Old Trafford, a portable DVD player and a bike.

Schools can compete for the Winning Schools Trophies and for thousands of euros worth of books with which to update their school libraries. There are prizes for teachers and librarians too. In addition, ten per cent of the money raised in each school can be kept to buy books or reading aids for the school. This year a school can also win a brand new top of the range computer plus a digital camera.

The sign up period begins on 10th September. Schools can sign up by filling out the entry forms that they will all receive in September. Individuals can pick up entry forms from their local library or bookshop.

For more information visit or phone 1850 650 950.

MS READaTHON Manager, Cheryl Gunning, says: “The MS READaTHON encourages children to read, giving them one of the greatest gifts possible, a love of books – all the while helping to raise funds for much needed services for people with MS. Last year, we were thrilled that school children raised €1.2 million for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland. And this year we’re really looking forward to celebrating our 20th birthday with even more success stories!”

And one last word from our Superhero Red! “The more I read the more superpowers I get – and now with my incredible knowledge and wisdom I outsmart the villains. My mission is to encourage children to read more, which helps them to develop a fantastic imagination and to broaden their knowledge!”

By taking part in the 2007 MS READaTHON, you can be more like Red!

UB40 fall in love with Ireland with 3 live gigs

UB40 get back to their reggae roots almost 30 years after they first got together to perform 3 live gigs in Ireland in November. Live music performances take place on and at:

Ali Campbell’s warm voice will melt Irish hearts as UB40 belt out old favourites like Red, Red, Wine and I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.

They will also perform newer music from the album Who You fighting For, a return of UB40’s political voice mixed in with meaningful lyrics and beautiful beats.

UB40 are amazingly talented and their unique reggae sound, with influences from Jamaican Ska to Elvis, is what has made their career so successful.

Here’s a live music clip of Kiss and Say Goodbye – from Who You Fighting For with Ali at his soulful best

Facts about UB40

  • They formed in the summer of 1978.
  • UB40 began as mates who knew each other from various colleges and schools across Birmingham.
  • Birmingham is their home town.
  • UB40 stands for Unemployment Benefit Form 40.
  • Before they even picked up an instrument, Ali Campbell and Brian Travers travelled around Birmingham promoting the band, putting up UB40 posters to promote the band!
  • £4,000 in compensation paid out to Ali Campbell after a bar brawl paid for the band’s instruments (even though few knew how to play!).
  • Ali and Robin Campbell’s father is Ian Campbell, a popular folk musician.
  • They made it big when Chrissie Hynde heard them play in a pub in Birmingham and asked them to be her support act.
  • John Peel was so impressed with the group’s first demo tape that he invited them to perform on his Radio One show in 1980.
  • Their injection of life into many old Jamaican hits resulted in many musicians’ and producers’ renewed popularity and income. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • UB40 named their first album Signing Off because they were ‘signing off from the dole’ in other words, getting a job. The album even had a reproduction of the unemployment benefit card on the cover with the words, “Signing Off” stamped on it.
  • In 1985, the group celebrated a hit single with I Got You Babe, recorded with Chrissie Hynde.
  • UB40′s first single, a double coupling of King, a song for Martin Luther King and Food for Thought, a song about third-world poverty, was the first record to reach the UK top ten without the backing of a major record label.
  • The band formed their own record company in 1980 called Dep International.
  • In August 1983, UB40 achieved their first No.1 single in the UK.
    Red Red Wine was released ahead of the album Labour of Love, which went straight to No.1 upon its release in September 1983.
  • The Labour Of Love Album, produced and co-written by saxophonist Brian Travers, was made into a short movie and features most of the music from the album and some members of the band.
  • UB40 were the first British band to tour Russia.
  • (I can’t help) Falling In Love With You was the bands third No.1. It proved to be the second top selling single of 1993.
  • (I can’t help) Falling In Love With You reached No.1 in 17 other countries around the world.
  • (I can’t help) Falling In Love With You was initially featured in the Sharon Stone film Sliver and spent seven weeks at number one in the USA.
  • Promises & Lies entered the UK charts at No.1 and stayed there
    for 7 weeks which was the longest time for any album to have stayed at the
    top in 1993.
  • Swing Low was recorded with the multi-cultural choir United Colours of Sound and became the official anthem for the 2003 English Rugby Team.
  • Promises And Lies was the inspiration for a musical performed by the Birmingham Repertory Theatre Company in 2006.
  • Sparta Florida Music Group started legal action against heiress Paris Hilton and Warner Chappell Music in June 2007 for plagiarism due to similarities between the song Kingston Town, originally by Lord Creator and Paris’s Stars Are Blind song.

Visit UB40′s official website:

I am bruised Natasha Bedingfields live gigs in Ireland have been rescheduled

The live musical performances of Natasha Bedingfield in Dublin and Belfast have been rescheduled and she’ll now perform in February due to her commitments in the USA.

I’m bruised, as I was really looking forward to see her play live in Dublin, and Natasha, like you, I bruise easily!

Nevermind, at least it’ll chase away my winter blues seeing her beautiful face in February! Also, as the event is round about Valentines Day, maybe I can give her a card!

Dates are as follows:

If any of your friends are going to the gig, then send them a note from a cute little baby!

See the video of

  • I Wanna Have Your Babies
  • :