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7 Most Haunted Dublin Pubs

The most haunted Dublin pubs to visit

Because it is that time of the year, ‘Halloween’, fancy dress & parties we at Dublinevents decided to bring you our list of Dublin’s Most Haunted Pubs.

Brazen Head

Brazen Head Dublin's Most Haunted Pubs
Source: Brazen Pub

The origin of The Brazen Head can be traced back to a coach house established in 1198, however it’s unsure how much of that original structure remains in place today.

Brazen Head Dublin's Most Haunted Pubs
Source: Robert Emmet’s Execution

During the rebellion in 1803, Rebel leader Robert Emmett is said to have used the Brazen Head for meetings until he was executed in 1803. Many believes that his ghost is said to remain, still on the look out for enemies.

The Bull and Castle

Bull & Castle Inn Dublin's Most Haunted Pubs
Source: Bull & Castle

The Bull and Castle, located in Lord Edward St Dublin (Formerly known as the Castle Inn), houses the ghost of poet James Clarence Mangan.

James Clarence Dublin's Most Haunted Pubs
Source: James Clarence Mangan, The poet James Clarence Mangan

Many visitors state that they experienced an unexpected, sudden drops of temperature inside. It is believed to be the presence of poet James Clarence Mangan, who was born at the site in 1803.

The Lord Edward

The Lord Edward Dublin's Most Haunted Pubs
Source: Lord Edward Pub in Dublin

The Lord Edward in Christchurch Place, is one of Dublin’s oldest pub. The pub itself is named after Lord Edward Fitzgerald, who was the 5th son of the Duke of Leinster. Lord Edward Fitzgerald helped plan the Abortive Rebellion of 1798 in Dublin against the Crown. Lord Edward was arrested in his hiding place in nearby Thomas Street, prior to the rebellion.

The Lord Edward Dublin's Most Haunted Pubs
Source: Lord Edward Arrests

In resisting of the arrest he was severely wounded, and later died of his wounds in Newgate Jail on the North side of the river Liffey. He was aged thirty-five at that time. His remains was buried in St. Werburgh’s Church across the road from the pub entrance. Many believed that his silhouette is seen around the pub still keeping a watchful eye.

The Portobello

Portobello Dublin's Most Haunted Pubs
Source: The Portobello Pub

The Bridge near Portobello in South Richmond Street Rathmines, is believed to be haunted by a hostile ghost of a lock-keeper, who drowned himself near the bridge after being sacked for drunkenness. The ghost was blamed for the deaths of a number of passengers on a horse-drawn bus which toppled into the canal on the 6th of April 1861. Many witnesses said that it takes the form of a blinding light which causes disorientation, resulting in them falling into the waters below and some died from drowning.

Darkey Kelly’s Pub

Darkey Kelly Dublin's Most Haunted Pubs
Source: Darkey Kelly’s Pub

The Darkey Kelly’s Pub in Fishamble Street was named after Darkey Kelly known for the woman who was burned at the stake for witchcraft after she accused the notorious Sheriff of Dublin Simon Luttrell of fathering her baby. But In fact, she was executed in 1746 for the murders of at least five men whose bodies were found hidden in a brothel she owned in Dublin.

Darkey Kelly Dublin's Most Haunted Pubs
Source: Darkey Kelly’s Execution

Many visitors believe that her presence still lurks around the Darkey Kelly’s Pub. People complained of the feeling being watched, others hears loud noises and unexplained movements.

Davy Byrnes

Davy Byrnes Dublin's Most Haunted Pubs
Source: James Joyce & Davy Byrnes Pub

Davy Byrne’s Pub on South Anne’s Street is one of the oldest Pub in Dublin & it’s origin can be traced back to the 25th March, 1722. The Pub was heavily featured and made famous in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses and was also favorite of the man himself. People have claimed to see James Joyce reflection in the mirror on the main lounge of the bar.

John Kavanagh “Gravediggers”

Davy Byrnes Dublin's Most Haunted Pubs
Source: John Kavanagh’s “Gravediggers” Pub

Kavanagh’s Pub is probably the most scariest pub as it is close to the Glasnevin cemetery. The pub dating back to 1833 is named after its former landlord, John Kavanagh. The pub is commonly known to locals as the “Gravediggers”, due to its close location to the Prospect Cemetery. The pub is also famous for its resident ghost, an old man dressed in an old-fashioned tweed. Many have claimed that this old man is seen sitting at the bar and then all of sudden disappearing without a trace.

5 Restaurants in Dublin you need to know about

You might not know these 5 Restaurants in Dublin.

#1 The Wild Goose Restaurant

The Wild Goose Restaurants in Dublin
The Wild Goose Restaurant serves delicious, classic bistro style food in ambient and comfortable surroundings. The menu is magnificent and they do have an ‘early goose’ menu consisting of €21.95 for two courses or €27.95 for three courses. There’s a killer wine list as well to suit everyone’s taste with nearly three hundred bottles to choose from. They also feature up to 20 different wines served by the glass.

#2Buenos Aires Grill

Buenos Aires Grill Restaurants in Dublin
Buenos Aires Grill “Seafood & Steakhouse” is the first Argentine Restaurants in Dublin and the whole Ireland. The menu features a comprehensive Argentine steak list and the pre-theatre dinner option is great value for two course for €18.50 while three courses costs C€22.50. This restaurant also boasts high ceilings and open layout providing a beatuiful ambience in which to enjoy your meal.

#3The Chop House

The Chop House Restaurants in Dublin
The Chop House, a gormet gastro-pub, opened its doors in December 2009, offering a new food concept within a Dublin 4 pub. Internationally inspired menus in an airy and contemporary pub-style venue with a small terrace complete this mini-marvel.

#4Fade St Social

Fade Street Social Restaurants in Dublin
With food that is assembled in an uncomplicated way, relying on its freshness to shine through as a real hero Fade St Social has established itself as one of the top Restaurants in Dublin. Under the guidance of Irish masterchef Dylan McGrath, the Fade St team are committed to bringing to the plate all that is great from the best of Irish produce, at a time when it is important to support the value, the effort and commitment of there Irish producers and farmers. There is also one Dublin’s hottest tapas bars in the restaurant featuring simple, seasonal, innovation in small tapas style bursts of flavour.

#5Fire Restaurant

Fire Restaurants in Dublin
The Fire Restaurant one of many remarkable remarkable restaurants in Dublin will tempt your tastebuds including signature dishes of wood-fried jumbo prawns and Irish Hereford Prime Ribeye Steak and Irish Beef. Fire’s dishes are carefully assembled with pride by there top class team. There is also a pre-theatre dinner menu that great value at €26 or two courses and €29.50 for three.

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A Guide to Pembrook Street Restaurants

FX Buckley

A Guide to Penbrook St Restaurants

The renowned steakhouse and flagship restaurant of the Buckley emprie is famous for dry ageing their beef, which means it is hung or stored on a rack to dry at about 4°C for a minimum of 28 days for the most sumptious sample of mouthwatering steak imaginable.

Dax Restaurant

A Guide to Penbrook St Restaurants

Awarded Best Restaurant in Dublin in the 2014 Irish Restaurant Awards and nominated as Best Restaurant in Dublin and Ireland for the past three years in Food & Wine Magazine Restaurant of the Year Awards, the National Hospitality Awards and Irish Restaurant Awards, Dax is lauded by food writers and critics as well as its many fans. also do a top notch and affordable for €24.50 for 2 courses and €29.50 for 3 courses between Tuesday to Friday from 5.30pm to 6pm.

Penbrook St is where some of the best restaurants in Dublin can be found so here is a guide to what’s on offer in or near the old Georgian area.

Matt the Tresher

A Guide to Penbrook St Restaurants

A bright, stylish bar and seafood restaurant whose highlights include Hake to die for and a magnificent serving of Monk fish, it’s no wonder Michelle Obama herself recommends Matt The Trasher as patrons can see from her framed thank you note hanging in the foyer.

Diep Le Shaker

A Guide to Penbrook St Restaurants

Celebrating it’s 15th annivarsary this year, Diep Le Shaker Thai Restaurant in Dublin has become synonymous with top class Thai cuisine, exquisite cocktails, friendly and efficient service and its party atmosphere.

Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud

A Guide to Penbrook St Restaurants

Ireland’s only 2 star Michelin restaurant, this five star fine dining experience just off Penbrook St. It’s has received international acclaim while retaining a simple philosophy: it is about delivering impeccable dining experiences, and there are few better at doing it.

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5 best pints of Guinness in Dublin


things to do in Dublin
Home of The Dubliners themselves, O’Donoghues boosts a big pedigree and lives it up to it with a sumptuously creamy glass of Guinness. Weekends in this pub will have you shoulder to shoulder with the other patrons but don’t worry about long waiting times for your pint, there are enough bars and service nooks to keep a Roman army pleasantly merry. And with the Guinness constantly flowing you can get it immediately and not have to suffer through that horrible two minutes of looking at it settle while your mouth waters uncontrollably!

The Confession Box

pubs in Dublin
This north side pub is not only home to an outstanding sup of the black but also has a delightful town house vibe that seems to enhance that expertly poured Guinna. Downstairs is routinely jammed and has a great party atmosphere, full of trad session music courtesy of a crooner stuck into a hole in the corner, which happily saves the space for those doing the real labour of knocking back pints. If your looking for something a little more quite though there is an upstairs with tables and chairs for a more relaxed setting.

The Grave diggers

Guinness Dublin
Situated beside the historic Glasnevin cemetery, the aptly named Grave Diggers is a great pub with an old school feel. No tv here just as it was in the glory days, get a perfect pint of the great stout and some great pub grub on this Dublin stalworth.


best Guinness in Dublin
The Baggot street landmark is almost as old as Guinness itself which maybe explains why they can pour such perfect pint of Arthur’s finest. Come for a drop of a pure, stay for the history and atmosphere.

The Cobblestone

things to do in Dublin
Smithfield’s the Cobblestone may seem slightly out of the way but its worth the walk. The warm and cosy pub is said to be the choice establishment for several celebrities with a fondness of Guinness including Billy Connelly. If it’s good enough for Billy it’s good enough for us!

10 hottest trending restaurants in Dublin right now

Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud


Ireland’s only 2 star Michelin restaurant, this five star fine dining experience on Merrion Sq is sure to delight so long as you don’t mind paying the premium.


Undoubtedly the most sought after source of sustenance in Dublin on weekends after 2 am Zaytoon is much more than a post-pub munch. Bosting mouth watering Gourmet kebabs starting from a poultry 7 euro, there is surely no match for this middle eastern marvel.

Beshoff Bros

The legendary fish and chip shop located on O’Connell St offers many treats but surely chief among them are the battered smoked cod and the legendary thick cut chips. Some chipper lovers may proclaim Leo Burdocks as the best but Beshoffs is truly the reigning chipper champ on these shores.

The Pig’s Ear

Serving bistro food at masterchef quality The Pig’s Ear has firmly established itself as one of Dublin’s hippest hot spots. Situated on Nassua street, just look for the pink door, but be sure to make a reservation before hand as this is usually jam-packed.


A family run business since the 80′s, Flanagans is the place to go for proper home style meals. The Irish stew and the full Irish breakfast make this a must for repeat visits for anyone looking for a true taste of Ireland.

Winding Stair

With an undeniable charm to it from the moment you enter – it’s literally up a winding staircase up to the restaurant, this higlhy praised eatery offer top class food at affordable prices.

A delightful Dublin restaurant that too often gets overlooked, the South William St stalworth has one of the best lunch offers in Dublin with a great pick and mix selection for only €10.

Pearl Brasserie Restaurant
Awarded best fine dining restaurant in Dublin & Ireland in 2009, 2010 & 2011 Pearl Brasserie offers a delightful dinner experience without requiring a bloated bank account featuring a two course early bird menu at €25.

Jo ‘Burger
Jo ‘Burger features burgers the size of a moderate sized child’s head all in a unique comic book style setting. Armed with some seriously seductive taste combos such as the ‘ikqezi’ burger(caramelized chili banana, bacon & goats cheese) Jo Burger is the go-to gourmet burger joint in town. Some say that Bunson Burger on Camden St is the new holy grail but their small menu and long wait times just can’t compare.

Locks Brasserie

A romantic canal-side restaurant just a five minute taxi ride from the city centre, Locks Brasserie is the ideal place for couples.