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Cajun cooking at Tante Zoe’s

Tante Zoe’s has a highly suitable motto for the Temple Bar leisure and pleasure zone of inner Dublin. It reads: “Let the good times roll.”

No better place to start than this Cajun-Creole restaurant where the menu is peppered with Southern style flavoursome dishes. Even the darne of salmon is seasoned with Cajun spices. For an out-and-out Louisiana dish, try the roast breast of duck which is glazed with honey and mustard and topped with crisp bacon slices.

It would be wrong to assume that this restaurant is geared to American visitors, welcome though they are, the truth is – holiday makers from many nations, and the local population, find its menu especially appetising.

With 220 tables on three floors, Tante Zoe’s is in serious business on a large scale serving such lovely items as Plantation Cheese Log, Alabama Rissoles, Cajun meatballs, served fondue style with a hot spicy cheese sauce; or Cajun Calamari. Inevitably Surf and Turf features, but worth exploring is the Jambalavas section which offers Lou-Lou Mae for €19.50. What’s Lou-Lou Mae? It consists of turkey, pork, ham and a spicy sausage. This is a real meat-lover’s dish served with garlic bread and tossed salad.

Steaks also have a significant place on the menu. Of course Rib Eye merits its place. Convincingly, the Cajun-Creole Restaurant, with a large capacity for business, proves a point – Southern Cajun food is popular in Dublin.

T e l : 679 4407

Trastevere – the taste of quality.

Trastevere restaurant is centred around the largest terrace area of the Temple Bar Square. Visitors congregate at this vibrant outdoor focal point to do what human beings do best – relax, eat, drink, chat, absorb the ambience and enjoy the efficient service rendered to their needs.

Being a public square you could be serenaded by a virtuosic busker while you enjoy your meal.

Generosity and the craic characterise the social interaction inside the Trastevere restaurant. The white timber chairs add vibrancy in the dining room.

The menu is a delight for the taste buds.

Little touches make a difference like mozzarella cheese topping on the garlic bread. Wild mushrooms, beef or pork meat balls, chicken wings (with chilli sauce), calamari fritti and mussels are available. That’s just for starters.

In the pasta range, customers are spoiled for a choice with more than a dozen items conforming to classic Italian style especially the spaghetti and ravioli dishes.

In the Trastevere, you even have the privilege of designing your own pizza. Don’t get alarmed. You don’t have to make it. You select the ingredients from tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, artichokes, spinach, olives, red onions … the list is extensive.

The menu includes a good selection of top quality meats – beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Fish is fresh from the market on a daily basis.

Fine Italian wines dominate the shelves. Ask for an Amorone!

Contact the Trastevere on T e l : 01 670 8343.

FIRE on Dawson Street!

But it’s not an emergency. Fire is a remarkable new restaurant – occupying part of the 18th century Mansion House, the official residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin.

Apart from the luxurious surroundings, what is remarkable about Fire? It is the wood fired oven incorporated into the high-ceilinged 200-seater dining room. This really comes into its own supreme is in the provision of Flatbreads – a la Naples Style Pizzas.

And the rest of the menu also commands respect. The special section for salads brings positive clarity to an oft vague area. The signature dish of the house is a prime aged Irish Bone in Fillet.

It has been “aged” for 21 days through which time it has been maintained with Tuscan olives, garlic and seasonings. Fillet with a bone? A contradiction? Not at all, it enhances the already mouth watering taste.

The customer demand for the special sense of occasion and culinary delights that goes with a meal at Fire is so strong that on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, two sittings have been arranged – 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Al fresco meals on the terrace appeal to many because the buzz of Dublin’s vibrant night life is en suite on Dawson Street. Lunch is available on Saturdays but the Fire is quenched on Sunday nights.

To book telephone Fire’s Manageress Catherine Connolly at 01 676 7200.

Triple House Restaurant

Triple House Restaurant is a quiet little restaurant in County Louth that is quite popular among the locals. The restaurant is located in a converted farmhouse that is almost two hundred years old. The farmhouse is situated in beautiful gardens, giving the whole place a serene atmosphere. On winter nights, the log fires keep you warm and cosy while you study the menu, having a hard time deciding what to choose from among the excellent dishes. Seafood that is bound to make you salivate with hunger includes fresh prawns, crabs, and Port Oriel Pot-Pourri, a uniquely conceived dish. Smoked loin of pork with a nectarine & Calvados sauce is quite popular among the customers of this restaurant. It is especially hard to get tired of eating Boyne salmon with orange and dill. Spinach-filled crępes will simply win over the hearts and minds of vegetarians. The quality of the various types of cheese available at this restaurant is much sought after by those who delight in stimulating their taste buds with new and fascinating tastes. The wine list is quite extensive and reflects a preference for top quality wines.

Kingfisher Restaurant

Kingfisher is a traditional Indian restaurant in Portlaoise that is worthy of a visit. The scents and spices of the Indian food are pretty exotic and act as great appetizers, forcing even people who are not hungry to take a bite and savour the heavenly taste. People enjoy the samosas here immensely. The tomato based lamb dish is described as lovely, warming and gorgeous by many satisfied customers. It’s not too spicy and tastes just right to stimulate the taste buds into believing that they are in contact with something truly heavenly. The delicious chicken korma is highly appreciated for its satisfying appeal. Mushroom rice is also a treasured delicacy here. The wine list is carefully chosen for quality and the coffee is very soothing. Service is impressive to say the least. A perfect restaurant if you ever wish to eat a perfect meal.