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County Kildare

Keadeen Hotel

Keadeen Hotel is a great hotel in Kildare County that provides quality four star accommodation with all the comforts and conveniences people have come to expect from world class hotels. This hotel has been welcoming guests for over thirty five years. The hotel is located just 30 minutes drive from Dublin. The hotel offers seventy five spacious and comfortable rooms with all the modern amenities like TV, tea/coffee making facilities etc. All of the rooms are en-suite. A swimming pool and fitness club allow the guests the freedom to stretch their body’s capabilities to the limits, thus maintaining perfect fitness to achieve that cool look. The hotel is located amidst acres of award winning gardens that provide a serene setting for some nice relaxing walking in the mornings and afternoons. Derby restaurant at the hotel has also won awards for its excellent customer service and perfectly conceived delightful cuisines. The drawing room lounge and bar provide ample opportunities to the guests to get to know one another and make friends from all over the world.

Sixth section of Barrow Way

The sixth section of the Barrow Way stretches from Maganey Bridge to Carlow. This section takes walkers on a trek through County Kildare in the Leinster Province. This is an easy walking route spread over a considerable distance of eight and a half kilometres and involves minimal effort since climbing is hardly a necessity on this route. Walkers shouldn’t need more than three hours to finish this route. The majority of this walking route consists of a grassy track. Meganey Bridge on this walking trail dates back to 1790. In Carlow town, walkers will be able to visit the site of Grange Castle. This castle was built on the banks of the Guilic River by the Normans in the 1180’s to fortify the river. Carlow is an excellent base for those interested in exploring the midlands. A good number of hotels, guesthouses and restaurants are present here. Those wishing for cheap but quality accommodations can find an independent hostel here.

Fifth section of Barrow Way

The fifth section of the Barrow Way takes walkers on a hike from Athy to Maganey Bridge. This section takes the walkers back to County Kildare in the Leinster Province. This route is graded as easy to walk due to the minimal climbing involved here. Walkers will need to cover a distance of about ten kilometres on this route. The estimated time required to complete this walking trail is approximately three and a half hours. Most of the walking terrain on this route is composed of grassy track. The lock gate at the 28th Lock must be crossed with the utmost care to avoid any unfortunate accidents. White’s Castle dating from 1506 is located beside the Athy Bridge. The thirteenth century Woodstock Castle is also located not far away from here. Walkers can visit a Celtic ring fort near the Tankardstown Bridge. After passing the railway bridge, walkers will find themselves on a path following the canal. There is an island here between the canal and the river. Thistle is abundant on this island. The canal is brimming with goldfinches and reed warblers. There is a bridge providing access to the island. While walking towards Levittstown Lock, walkers will enjoy the boreen where lots of young trees can be found by the canal side. Those interested in architecture will surely love the Meganey Bridge that is made from stone and features seven arches.

Third section of Barrow Way

The third section of the Barrow Way begins from Monasterevin and ends at Vicarstown. Like the previous section, this section is also located in County Kildare in the Leinster province. It’s an easy walking route where climbing is almost non existent. With a distance of twelve kilometres, this walking trail will need about four hours to complete it in its entirety. Most of the surface terrain on this route is covered by grass. The road portions of this track are pretty quiet. The grassy portion of this track begins after crossing Moore’s bridge. Walkers will appreciate leaving the din of the traffic behind and will truly revel in the quiet and serene atmosphere of this grassy path. This portion of the trail is adorned with various floras like daisies, mint and yarrow. Ash, willow and hazel trees are also fairly abundant here. Herons can be heard here from time to time. The ruins of the fortress of Dunamase can also be seen on this route.

Second section of Barrow Way

The second section of the Barrow Way starts from Rathangan and takes the walkers all the way to Monasterevin. This section is located in County Kildare in the Leinster province. It’s an easy route with minimal climbing. Walkers will have to cover a distance of about ten and a half kilometres on this walking trail. Walkers will need to set aside about three and a half hours out of their schedules to complete this route. The surface terrain of this route mostly consists of grassy track. While walking through Rathangan, walkers can expect to see many Georgian style houses. The fauna on this path consists abundantly of hawks, herons and hares. The towpath gradually gives way to a grassy path with long grass. There are many wildflowers to be found here. However, this path can get pretty wet. Walkers can expect to catch glimpses of Dunmurray Hill, Slieve Bloom Mountains and the cooling tower at Portarlington. Upon reaching Umeras Bridge, walkers will be greeted with views of the Ballythomas Hill and Kilteale Hill towards the southwest. Both of these are limestone hillocks.