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County Kilkenny

Fifth section of South Leinster Way

Starting from Inistioge and ending at Ballykenna, the fifth section of the South Leinster Way is an easy route that will not prove to be a problem for most walkers. Like the fourth section, this section is also located in County Kilkenny. The total distance walkers will have to cover on this walking trail amounts to about fourteen kilometres. The highest point on this route is about two hundred and fifty metres high so it shouldn’t be too difficult for most walkers. An average walker travelling at a normal pace can expect to complete this walking path in a little less than five hours. The Mount Aldo forest road on this track features some spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. One mile from Inistoige village, walkers can check out the ice house that is located parallel to the River Nore. The gardens located before Mount Alto Wood are worth visiting for their splendour and beauty. From Mount Alto, walkers can take in breathtaking views of the River Nore Valley and New Ross.

Fourth section of South Leinster Way

The fourth part of the South Leinster Way is comprised of the route starting from Graiguenamanagh and ending at Inistioge. This walking route is relatively easy for walkers to traverse with very few stumbling blocks to hinder their progress. This part of the walking route is located in County Kilkenny. This walking trail is quite long at about sixteen kilometres. Three hundred and thirty metres is the maximum height that walkers can expect to climb here. Most walkers will be able to finish walking this route in about five and a half hours. R705 and R700 are the roads on this route that will require some care in order to be crossed due to the heavy flow of the traffic. Most of this walking route is comprised of forest road. The forest road on Brandon Hill will provide walkers with some delightful views of the surrounding countryside. Duiske Abbey in Graiguenamanagh will be of particular interest for those who enjoy exploring historical buildings. If you fancy seeing a cairn or heap of stones, just walk up to the top of the Brandon Hill and feast your eyes. In Kilcross, walkers will have a chance to view the ruins of a famine village. Inishtioga village features an eye catching square. There are also some old churches here that are worth visiting.

Rinuccini Restaurant

Rinuccini in County Kilkenny is often regarded as the premier Italian/Irish restaurant of Ireland. The restaurant specializes in Irish seafood which is delivered daily to the restaurant. Crabs, prawns, lobsters, mussels and wild Irish salmon are some of the aquatic creatures you can enjoy munching at this fabulous restaurant. Dishes made from locally produced veal, poultry and steak are also quite popular among the patrons of this restaurant. Homemade pastas like spaghetti, Fettuccine Alfredo, Lasagne al Fomo etc. are also appreciated greatly by the customers.