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County Laois

Jims Country Kitchen

Jim’s Country Kitchen is a restaurant located in Portlaoise where you can sample some of the finest dishes available in this part of Ireland. To get some idea of the popularity of this excellent restaurant, just pay a visit on a winter’s day at lunchtime. The large number of customers inside the restaurant will prove to be a great source of astonishment at first sight but once you have tried the food, you will come to understand why those customers are there. The atmosphere at this restaurant during wintertime is truly heart warming. The restaurant is kept warm through bright fires blazing away while a central table serves salads and various dishes for the appeasement of the valued customers. Goat’s cheese with parsley pesto and tomato sauce will make you swear the taste is divine. Even minor things like sun dried tomatoes and fresh olives will make you want to soak up every last bit of oil with bread. In short, it’s almost a blasphemy coming to Portlaoise and failing to visit Jim’s Country Kitchen.

Slieve Blooms

The mountain range of Slieve Blooms is located in the counties of Offaly and Laois. The highest peak here is about 529 metres high and goes by the name of Arderin which means the height of Ireland in the Irish language. History buffs will particularly appreciate this place a lot due to the presence of loads of monuments that are as old as 4500 years. This place is also famous in Ireland for its mythology. It is said that the Irish Giant Finn MacCool grew up here. Slieve Blooms features many exciting walking paths. It is most well known for the Slieve Bloom Walking Festival in April. However, the walks don’t have to be too long. There are many shorter tracks through the wooded glens. One of the most beautiful of these walks is the Capard Loop that invites you to enjoy the beauty of the valley here. On this walk, you get to enjoy the sights and sounds of the River Barrow, the impressive Clamphole Falls and the mountain track of the Ridge of Capard. The historically significant monastic site of Clonmacnoise found here is also a must visit place.