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Latest Leinster news

There’s a lot going on at Donnybrook, as Leinster prepare for the new season.

First, a new Rugby Development Officer has been named. Everyone at Leinster Rugby is delighted at the appointment of David McAllister.

The former Leinster and Ireland Under-21 out-half will be responsible for the North Midlands area. Hopes are high that his experience will help him unearth some exciting new talent.

But that’s not all. You can now sport the colours of your favourite team, as the new home jersey for the 2007/08 season is now available at the Leinster Rugby Store. Short sleeved jerseys are only €77, with long sleeved shirts costing €80.

The 2007/08 season looks to be a very exciting one for Leinster. Season ticket applications have almost doubled since last year. Priced at just €199, a new batch of Bronze season tickets has been released after the initial tickets were snapped up within weeks. Make sure you get yours quickly to avoid disappointment.

For devoted Leinster fans who can’t make it to all the home games, Leinster Supporters Memberships are available for next season.

Exile packages (€50) are designed for those Leinster fans all across the globe. The kids can join the Leinster Cubs for just €30.

Look out for more rugby news as the 2007/08 season approaches.

Final section of Grand Canal Way

For the ninth and final section of the Grand Canal Way, walkers will have to begin their short journey at Armstrong Bridge and keep walking till they reach Shannon Harbour. This section of the walking trail is located in the Leinster province in the county of Offaly. This route is easy and stretches to a distance of about nine and a half kilometres. There isn’t much climbing involved on this route and most walkers shouldn’t need more than three hours to complete this walking path. The walking terrain on this route mostly consists of track. The north bank on this towpath features a lot of trees and hedges where birds can be heard chirping and adding to the peaceful ambience of this charming place. The north bank at Belmont might be a bit boggy so walkers might want to choose the south bank due to its soft bed of grass. Gallen Priory is located on this route. This is a house of Georgian architecture that reeks of Gothic influence. It used to belong to the Armstrong family but these days it has been converted into a convent.

Eighth section of Grand Canal Way

The eighth section of the Grand Canal Way stretches from Pollagh to Armstrong Bridge. This section takes walkers through County Offaly in the eastern province of Leinster. This section is about ten and a half kilometres in length and not too hard on the average walker since there is little or no climbing to do here. Due to the relatively short length of this section, most walkers will easily complete this walking section in about three and a half hours of constant, steady paced walking. The walking terrain on this trail consists of road, track and grassy path. The final part of this section involves walking on a quiet road that will surely please those seeking peace and tranquillity. Pollagh at the beginning of this walking trail might be thought of as a small village but it really is just a scattering of houses on a bog. A little far from Pollagh towards the north, walkers can enjoy the view of the silvery patches of Brosna River amidst green mounds of grass.

Seventh section of Grand Canal Way

The seventh section of the Grand Canal Way will have walkers exploring the route between Tullamore and Pollagh. This section of the route is also located in County Offaly. The route is easy to navigate and stretches over a relatively long distance of fifteen and a half kilometres. There isn’t much climbing to do on this route so it shouldn’t pose a lot of difficulties for old timers. Four and a half hours will be needed to complete this route. While in Tullamore, the roads can be fairly busy so care is needed while crossing the roads there. Once Tullamore is left behind, the roads become quiet and peaceful, making the trek quite enjoyable. After the walkers are past Rahan, the canal will take them on a pleasant stroll through the countryside. The Tullamore Dew Heritage Centre at Bury Quay is worth a visit for those interested in the culture and traditions of this area. Shra Castle, Ballycowan Castle and Rahan churches are all interesting attractions on this walking trail that will appeal greatly to the walkers.

Sixth section of Grand Canal Way

The sixth section of the Grand Canal Way takes walkers on a charming trek through the serene wilderness lying between Daingean and Tullamore. This section of the walking route is located in County Offaly in the Leinster province. There aren’t many difficulties awaiting the walkers on this route. This part of the route stretches over a relatively long distance of fourteen kilometres. This distance involves minimal climbing and requires about four and a half hours to complete it in its entirety. Sections of the road on this walking trail are pretty quiet in general so walkers can look forward to a nice and relaxing walk with minimum disturbances in the peaceful atmosphere. The countryside on this trail is not very populated. This trail follows the canal to Tullamore. Crohan Hill and the towers of Tullamore are some interesting sights that walkers can expect to enjoy during the walk.