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Latest Leinster news

There’s a lot going on at Donnybrook, as Leinster prepare for the new season.

First, a new Rugby Development Officer has been named. Everyone at Leinster Rugby is delighted at the appointment of David McAllister.

The former Leinster and Ireland Under-21 out-half will be responsible for the North Midlands area. Hopes are high that his experience will help him unearth some exciting new talent.

But that’s not all. You can now sport the colours of your favourite team, as the new home jersey for the 2007/08 season is now available at the Leinster Rugby Store. Short sleeved jerseys are only €77, with long sleeved shirts costing €80.

The 2007/08 season looks to be a very exciting one for Leinster. Season ticket applications have almost doubled since last year. Priced at just €199, a new batch of Bronze season tickets has been released after the initial tickets were snapped up within weeks. Make sure you get yours quickly to avoid disappointment.

For devoted Leinster fans who can’t make it to all the home games, Leinster Supporters Memberships are available for next season.

Exile packages (€50) are designed for those Leinster fans all across the globe. The kids can join the Leinster Cubs for just €30.

Look out for more rugby news as the 2007/08 season approaches.

Final section of Wicklow Way

The eleventh and final section of Wicklow Way will lead walkers on a marvellous trek from Raheenakit to Clonegal. This is a pretty easy route so walkers can look forward to a fun time on this walking path. This route stretches to a pretty long distance of about sixteen kilometres. The highest point that walkers might have to climb on this route is about three hundred metres high. Most walkers going at a normal pace should be able to complete this route in less than six hours. Shillelagh is a beautiful village found on this walking route. The stone houses and the courthouse of this village are truly a sight to behold. This village is situated close to the Shillelagh River below the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains. Tomnafinnoge Oak Wood is also worth visiting for it is one of the largest oak forests in Ireland. The Irish weapon Shillelagh is also named after this village and consists of a blackthorn stick. These weapons are very popular with tourists and bought by them for keeping as souvenirs. The Coolattin Estate is also a wonderful place to explore here.

Tenth section of the Wicklow Way

The tenth section of the Wicklow Way will have walkers traversing a path stretching from Tinahely to Raheenakit. This route is pretty easy with the terrain being quite forgiving in terms of difficulty. This walking trail extends over a pretty long distance measuring about fourteen kilometres. The highest point you will have to climb here is about three hundred metres high. Most walkers will finish this route in about five hours if they keep walking at a steady pace. The market town of Tinahely is located in a very beautiful area which has to be seen to be believed. This place is relatively unknown to tourists which is unfortunate and a pity, because this town has that traditional Irish village feel to it, with the warmth, friendliness and hospitality of the locals making this a must visit place. The courthouse in Tinahely is located in the centre of the square and is a great place to get acquainted with the heritage and culture of this area. It features exhibitions, concerts and theatre. The annual Wicklow County Agricultural Show is also held in this town with plenty of interesting activities to keep tourists happy. Avid explorers can also enjoy the enchanting beauty of the Derry River valley and the Coolatin Woods on this pleasant walking route.

Ninth section of the Wicklow Way

The ninth section of the Wicklow Way is comprised of the route from Ballycumber to Tinahely. The route actually ends about two kilometres before Tinahely. The difficulty grading of this walking route is easy so walkers shouldn’t have any difficulty on this route. This route stretches to a distance of about seven kilometres. The highest point on this walking trail is no higher than 170 metres so there is very little climbing involved. Average walkers will easily complete this route in about three hours. This path might be a bit wet in some places. Also walkers will have to cross the River Ford on this path. The beauty of this place cannot be described with words only. Walkers will be delighted by the exquisite views of County Carlow available from Muskeagh Forest. Avid explorers and hikers will appreciate the fact that Croghan Mountain and Croghan Valley are located close to this route, providing them with a chance to explore them too.

Eighth section of Wicklow Way

The eighth section of the Wicklow Way takes walkers on a spectacular short journey from Aughavannagh to Ballycumber. This is a relatively easy route to walk on and does not present any nearly insurmountable hurdles for the casual walkers. This walking route is pretty long and stretches to about thirteen kilometres. You can expect a little bit of climbing on this route. The most you will have to climb here is about two hundred and fifty metres. Walking at a normal pace, most walkers should be able to complete this route in less than five hours. This walking trail is pretty pleasant with little or no wet or muddy paths. The climbs are also not too steep so even first time walkers will enjoy this route. There are a lot of attractive summits to be found on this walking route where walkers will enjoy delightful and breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The beautiful village of Aughrim is located on this route. This town features artistically designed granite buildings and has been voted as the cleanest town in County Wicklow since 1996. There is an attraction here called Angling For All where even disabled anglers can enjoy the sport of angling to their heart’s content. The nearby village of Macreddin is also worth visiting for its quality organic produce.