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County Wicklow

Seventh section of Wicklow Way

The seventh section of Wicklow Way extends from Glenmalure to Aughavannagh. This walking trail is moderately difficult to complete for average walkers so expect some challenges ahead. The trail is also a bit long at about eleven kilometres. The height of the highest point you can expect to climb here is about three hundred and fifty metres. Most walkers will take around a little bit less than five hours to complete this walking route. There is steady climbing involved on some parts of the route and the path can also be wet and muddy at places so be careful, tread slowly through slippery terrain and most of all, wear quality hiking and trekking shoes with a good grip. Walkers can expect spectacular views of the Avonbeg River and the mountains surrounding this route. They will also come across the Iron Bridge passing over the Ow River. Glenmalure Waterfall will prove to be a sight of awe for many. Rathdrum is a town close to this walking path. This town is located high on the western side of the Avonmore Valley. So if you feel like enjoying some breathtaking views of this beautiful valley, the vantage point of Rathdrum is the best place to do so. Avondale House near this walking trail is a popular tourist attraction. Other places of interest that walkers might want to check out are Greenane Farm Museum & Maze and the Clara-Lara Fun Park.

Sixth section of Wicklow Way

The sixth section of Wicklow Way takes walkers from Glendalough to Glenmalure. This trail is ranked to be easy as far as difficulty in traversing it is concerned. This track is a bit long at thirteen kilometres. The highest point on this track is about four hundred and twenty metres high. An average walker can be expected to complete this walking path in about five and a half hours. The path is muddy in some places. You will encounter hundred metres of very steep climb at one point during the walk. There is also a muddy descent through trees so be careful there to avoid slipping and getting hurt. Glenmalure is one of the most beautiful glens of Ireland. You will have a fascinating time walking through this enchanting place in the Wicklow Mountains. There are plenty of craggy mountains and massive broken rocks to be found here that enhance the rugged beauty of this place. This is indeed a place worthy of being called a walker’s paradise.

Fifth section of Wicklow Way

The fifth section of Wicklow Way extends from Oldbridge to Glendalough. This walking route is easy to complete for average walkers. The route will take walkers through nine kilometres of relaxing scenery. The highest point on this route is about three hundred metres. Most walkers will manage to complete this trail in about three hours. You will come across some steep areas as well as forest road. When you are almost near the end of this walking path, be sure to watch out for tree roots lest you should trip over them and get yourself hurt. This walking path will introduce walkers to some truly spectacular scenery. Expect to enjoy refreshing mountain walks and pleasant woodland trails. The lakeside walks here are a delight to take. The villages of Annamoe and Laragh on this route are a nice place to stop and relax a bit. Tourists will find themselves mesmerized by the sheer beauty of Glendalough. This area is part of the Wicklow Mountains National Park. Expect to see various kinds of wonderful animal and plant wildlife in this area. Walkers will be enthralled by the superb views of the valley and the lakes and rivers in Glendalough. The city of Glendalough is historically significant with monastic churches and other archaeological sites that make this? a must see place for explorers.

Fourth section of the Wicklow Way

The fourth section of the Wicklow Way takes walkers on a pleasant walk from Lough Tay to Oldbridge. As far as difficulty is concerned, this walking route is deemed to be easy to complete. This walking trail is about eight kilometres long. There is hardly any climbing involved on this walking path as the highest point is only a mere seventy metres high. Average walkers will easily complete this route in about two and a half hours. On the way, you will have to deal with forest road and a little bit of steep climbing. Some parts of the path can also be muddy. The beautiful village of Enniskerry is located close to this route. Be sure to check out Powerscourt Estate for its fabulous gardens. Adult tourists will enjoy the recreational facilities of Victoria’s Way located near this trail. If you fancy catching some fish, head on over to Annamoe Trout Fishery. Do note that fly fishing is the only type of fishing allowed here. The Djouce Mountain Golf Club close to this path is a fine place to cure your golfing fix. The shimmering lakes of Vartry Reservoir will delight anyone with an eye for natural scenic beauty. Yet more splendid views of lakes can be had at the Lugalla Estate that is also located on this path.

Third section of the Wicklow Way

The third section of the Wicklow Way is comprised of the route from Glencree to Lough Tay. This route is graded to be moderate as far as difficulty is concerned in traversing it. This walking route stretches to a distance of about nine and a half kilometres. The highest point you are likely to reach on this trail will be no more than four hundred metres high. Average walkers can expect to complete this route in about a little more than four hours. This path can be muddy and wet at places so be careful. Be especially wary of the boardwalk on this route since it is very slippery when wet. There are many exciting places to visit on this walking route. The beautiful and charming village of Enniskerry is located close to this path. You can choose to explore the enchanting beauty of the glen of Cookstown and the Glencullen River. There are many pleasant walks to be had in the woods around Enniskerry. If you are interested in enjoying the sight of rare Irish species of plants and animals, be sure to pay a visit to the Leafed National Reserve in Knocksink wood near Enniskerry. The highest waterfall in Ireland, the Powerscourt Waterfall, is also situated nearby. ? The Powerscourt Estate and Gardens is a splendid tourist attraction with an excellent variety of gardens where you can stroll away the afternoon. You can also enjoy a nice shopping experience as well as an exhibition in the delightful Palladian House.