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Ireland Special Newsletter

Ireland Special Newsletter is going to be issued on 13th of this month. In this issue you will find following listed valuable segments.
•? Dublin events Ireland Section
•? Hertz 10% off
•? Dublin events competition winner
•? Ailesbury House B&B
•? Bleu Note Bar & Club
•? Bodytime Massage and therapy

Dublin Events Ireland Section
New section is introduced in Dublin Events to cover all counties in Ireland. Online booking for accommodation in Ireland Counties is available and much more.

Hertz 10% off
Hertz comes up with an exclusive offer for all Dublin Events Customers. Get a 10% discount on Hertz booking. The offer is valid on all bookings till 31st December 2006.

Dublin Events Competition Winner
The winner of 2 tickets to the John McCormack Gala Tribute Concert is announced.

Ailesbury House B&B
When you need a Bed and Breakfast in Dublin, consider Ailesbury House B&B. Its accommodation, services, facilities, amenities etc are discussed at length.?

Bleu Note Bar & Club
The Bleu Note Bar & Club brings you the very best of Dublin’s Jazz talents and international jazz names in an intimate club atmosphere.

Bodytime Massage and therapy
What is Bodytime Massage and therapy?
Why you choose it as part of your health regime?
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SeaSafari Special Newsletter

Dublin based, specialty of Sea Safari lies in its ‘Total Thrilling Experience’. Becoming one of Ireland’s most famous services, Sea Safari will take you and your group party on a fun packed sea tour in one of the large ribs around Dublin bay. Dublin Events has brought you an exclusive valuable SeaSafari Special Newsletter this month. It contains following intriguing sections.?

SeaSafari Tours
This section will tell you about SeaSafari services and tours.

More Competitions at Dublin Events
Dublin Events Competitions give you the chance to win great gifts, cash and much more! These are enlisted below as

» Foodie Fans Competition
» Botticelli Restaurant Competition
» National Concert Hall Competition
» BodyTime Competition
Add your Event to Dublin Events
You can submit your event entry to Dublin Events if you want to reach thousands of users every day

Submit your links to Dublin Events
You can now exchange links with our site by submitting a simple link form online.

Avondale Bed and Breakfast
Avondale B&B is situated in the heart of Dublin City, ideally situated for that short or long break. Learn more about its services in this section.

Hertz Special Newsletter

Dublin Events disseminates another valuable Hertz Special Newsletter which has following valuable and informative sections.
Hertz 10% off Special offer
The section will tell you about its special offer for all Dublin Events Customers.

Transportation in Dublin Travelling to Dublin?
If you’re seeking some help in transportation in Dublin and Ireland, Check this section for Dublin Transport.

Dublin Events Competitions
Check our latest competitions and win great prizes.

Bodytime Massage and physical therapy
You will learn about Bodytime massage and physical therapy in this particular part of the newsletter.

Othello House
Othello House is a 2 star guesthouse providing quality accommodation in the heart of Dublin City. Learn more about this rental dwelling.

Glen Guesthouse
The Glen is a family run, 3 star guesthouse, and provides luxury accommodation.

Sports Special Newsletter

If you are on the lookout for an invigorating and adventurous workout, or some exciting sports, then resort to the package of entertaining sports that Dublin has to offer. Dublin Events is issuing an exclusive worthy Sports Special Newsletter. The issue has following interesting sections.?

Upcoming Sports Events in Dublin
This section will update you with upcoming sports events that are going to be held in Dublin.

Soccer and Football Equipment
It’s an attention grabbing section for football and soccer fans where soccer products are enlisted at length.

Horse racing in Dublin
Horseracing is a popular past time in Ireland. Get details for upcoming events and horse racing fixtures in this section.

Rugby Products Shopping
This section will provide you products online for rugby.

Botticelli Italian Restaurant
In this section, you will learn about a wide variety of traditional Italian dishes that Botticelli offers.

Upcoming Movies in Dublin Cinemas
Find out up-to-date information of what’s on in Dublin Cinemas and latest movie releases.

Easter Celebrations in Dublin and Ireland

Easter is the most essential religious holiday of the Christian liturgical year, observed in March, April, or May to commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus. Easter being one of the most honoured and auspicious day of Ireland, brings so many celebrations and traditions to be followed at this special occasion.
“Dublin Events” puts out another worthy newsletter about Easter Celebrations in Dublin and Ireland which constituents following listed sections.

Easter Celebrations
In this section you will find out Easter Celebrations in Dublin and Ireland.

Great Gift Ideas for Easter
This part lets you know some great Easter Gift ideas from decorative Easter Bunnies and Bears to Greeting Cards and Necklaces.

Add your Event to Dublin Events for free!
You can submit your Dublin Event to our website for free and reach thousands of visitors each day.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas for 18th June
This section provides you some great Fathers Day gift ideas.

Upcoming Movies in Dublin Cinemas
Find out up-to-date information of what’s on in Dublin Cinemas and latest movie releases.

Ryder Cup 2006 in Ireland
Find a complete schedule for Ryder Cup 2006 at Dublin Events.

Browse our worthy newsletter on? “Easter Celebrations in Dublin and Ireland”.