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Shopping in Dublin and Ireland

Soccer Online Shopping

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Shopping in Dublin (Part-2)

Part 1 of “Shopping in Dublin” enlightens about various popular shopping streets overloaded with shopping stuff. This part will let you know more that how you can go about shopping in Dublin.
Although Dublin is not renowned for its shopping centers but besides offering other things, it has also taken steps to improve the quality and interest of people towards Dublin shopping streets. There are a few market places like the Liberty Market where you can find everything of your choice at hand. These markets have more flexible timings and some of them are even open on Sundays. There are indoor markets with stalls of clothes, books, music and everything and anything.

Other than these marketplaces there are loads of shopping centers scattered all over the city as well. The Jervis Shopping Centre is the largest in the city. Houses of big brands like Marks and Spencer are next to it. There is a fast food restaurant on its third floor.

Furthermore The Iliac Shopping Center on Henry Street which is a large single story complex. It is the oldest in the city. Then there is the Stephens Green Shopping center. It is newly built having modern possessions. Its upper two floors circle around in a way that they give a view of the ground floor. There is a Benetton Store and few others of Dunnes, Lifestyle Sports and many more.

In the series of these large shopping centers, The Square Shopping Center is the oldest. Then there is the Blanchardstown Shopping Center which is the largest in the country and is more like a whole entertainment complex. It has two floors and four wings, and is surrounded by retail park with many shops, a gym, a library, disco bars and a bowling alley. There is also a cinema in the center.

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Shopping in Dublin (Part-1)

Shopping.. To some people it’s as important as other things are but at the same time there are people who take it as a favorite pastime. However, in both cases it is equally appealing.
It might be easier to go for shopping in the areas you are familiar with but in alien city, it’s not an easy task. This is where Dublin is an exception! With shopping centers and shopping malls all over the city and with tourist-friendly policies it has been made as easy as it can get.

The opening hours vary but by 10 in the morning almost all the shops and malls are open and bustling with activity. And by 6 in the evening they close down, however on Thursdays they stay open till around 8. Sunday being the holiday is a day off for all the shopkeepers too.

Since Dublin is a densely populated area so shopping on foot is the most convenient way of going about it. This is especially true in the city center which has developed into a tourist attraction in recent times. If you go towards the north of the River Liffey there are streets known for shopping.

O’Connell Street is the main street, though it doesn’t constitute a considerable number of shops. However it has quite a few restaurants, hotels and a cinema.
Just off the O’Connell Street are the Henry Street and the Talbot Street. You will find here a large number of shops.

If you go towards the south of the river there is the Grafton Street and the Temple Bar. Grafton Street is in the most upper class area, with all its designer shops. This pedestrian street is the nicest looking street in Dublin. The side streets also have shops. You will find loads of trendy cafes and bars in this area. From pubs to cafes and galleries to all sorts of shops there is everything available for everyone’s taste.

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Timings for shopping

Most shops in Ireland? are open for business from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. during the week and remain closed on Sunday. But increasingly some shops have been operating on Sunday too. Thursday is the day you can shop without worrying too much about the time because most shops remain open till 9 P.M. If you urgently need something in the middle of the night, just head to the nearest convenience store. These places are known to stay open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Shopping in Dublin

Shopping in Dublin is a treat for all the tourists. Dublin will make sure that you shop till you drop. Dublin has a range of shopping centres all equipped with all the luxuries that will make your heart bend.The prominent shopping centres include

  • The Ilac centre
  • Jervis Centre
  • Powerscourt Centre
  • The Blanchardstown Centre

To get more information about? shopping places in dublin, browse our? Dublin Shopping section which will? help you to get to know different super shopping malls in the city of Dublin at length.