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Delight for birdwatchers, as eagles reintroduced

The white-tailed eagle has been reintroduced to Ireland, over a century since they were driven to extinction.

Twelve white-tailed eagles were released in the Killarney national park. This follows successful schemes to reintroduce the golden eagle and red kite. Both species had also been hunted to extinction in Ireland.

The Rural Environment Protection Scheme aims to reintroduction other species and encourage the development of cereal plots to provide food for wildlife.

The release of the white-tailed eagles should delight birdwatchers and anyone interested in the environment in Ireland.

Enthusiasts could even join this new online network for birdwatchers I’ve just found, called Geobirds, and post sightings of the eagle in Killarney!

I am bruised Natasha Bedingfields live gigs in Ireland have been rescheduled

The live musical performances of Natasha Bedingfield in Dublin and Belfast have been rescheduled and she’ll now perform in February due to her commitments in the USA.

I’m bruised, as I was really looking forward to see her play live in Dublin, and Natasha, like you, I bruise easily!

Nevermind, at least it’ll chase away my winter blues seeing her beautiful face in February! Also, as the event is round about Valentines Day, maybe I can give her a card!

Dates are as follows:

If any of your friends are going to the gig, then send them a note from a cute little baby!

See the video of

  • I Wanna Have Your Babies
  • :

    Yippee-ippee-ey-ey-ay-yey-yey, the Happy Mondays come to Dublin to play-ey-ey yey

    It’ll be a Happy Monday in Dublin when the Happy Mondays perform live on 24 September at the Olympia Theatre. So if you want a happier face than Bez, book tickets for this live music event in Dublin now!

    Just like the Happy Mondays, I’ll be taking by mate along, he doesn’t do much but likes a good night out and a dance. He also hates Mondays, so hopefully the ticket will cheer him up! Either that or I’ll order him some “herbal” hallucinogens.

    Are they happy?
    Notorious as much for their lifestyle as much as the music itself the band has had spurts of disbanding and reforming, with this being their third attempt at unification, so we hope this time they’ll stick around!

    Whilst many bands are checking into rehab, Shaun seems to have cleaned up his act a bit, with a brand new pair of teeth, a healthier lifestyle (he’s rumoured to have taken to cycling round the Peak District!), a new album (Unkle Disfunctional) and a timetable of live shows (including the gig in Dublin). So it seems the Mondays are looking at happier days!

    See before and after pics of Shaun Ryder’s gnashers

    None of the singles from the album have been released yet and there are a couple of hidden tracks to look forward to which you might be treated to if you go to the live music event in Dublin.

    You’ll see Bez freaky dancin’ to some of their new material including Cuntry Disco and Anti Warhole On The Dancefloor as well as my favourite, Kinky Afro.

    See you there!

    Buy tickets to see the Happy Mondays perform live in Dublin.

    Visit the official Happy Mondays site – with live music videos of their recent performances.

    Twist your melon man, look at the band’s official MySpace page and listen to some of their new music.

    Natasha Bedingfield live music events in Ireland

    I wanna have Natasha Bedingfield’s babies!

    Ahem, Natasha Bedingfield is coming to Ireland’s shores with two mind-blowing shows. You can see her in Belfast or Dublin (or both if you’re a really big music fan) in September February.

    Natasha’s Belfast gig
    Students will be very familiar with Mandela Hall as it’s also the students union! What an absolutely terrific setting for a live music gig for Natasha. Many of her fans in Belfast will be thrilled she’s performing live at such an intimate location. She’ll be so close to the audience you’ll feel like her soulmate.

    Read more details about the live music gig in Belfast

    Forget the detail, book tickets now before it’s sold out

    Dublin’s fair city
    If you’ve ever been to a live music gig at Vicar Street in Dublin, you’ll know that Natasha’s voice and set will be heard and seen from every seat in the house. The venue was specially designed to provide maximum viewing and listening pleasure and the sexy diva will certainly provide lots of that.

    Book your tickets for the gig at Vicar Street in Dublin now and look forward to songs that will give you goosebumps. Her voice is “the voice to melt radios”, (as described on the Natasha Bedingfield site) so enjoy the gig in Dublin or Belfast and let Natasha melt your heart.

    Find out more about the live gig in Dublin

    A little known fact to nibble on about Natasha…
    She was part of a Christian rock group with her famous brother Daniel and little sister Nikola (also a rising star) called the The DNA Algorithms! Listen to 2 early tracks here, live!

    George Michael gigs in Dublin, Belfast, Ireland

    Ladies and Gentlemen, wake me up before you go-go!

    George Michael hits Dublin on Wednesday 1st August, he’ll be playing a music gig at the Point Theatre and tickets are selling out fast so get them before the sun goes down.

    If you can’t get them for the gig in Dublin on Wednesday, check the availability on Thursday 2nd August.

    You might even be able to catch George in Belfast on Saturday night (4th August) at the Odyssey Arena. The Arena is Ireland’s largest indoor music venue with standing and seating facilities, so there’s more chance of getting a ticket.

    Hopefully you’ll be able to get one with freedom to dance to your favourite tunes, with classics like Fastlove, Outside and some classic Wham thrown in for good measure – it’s sure to be a great night out.

    The gigs in Dublin and Belfast are part of George’s extended 25 Live tour which saw him play an amazing live gig in Dublin last year. The music event in Belfast will be the first time he has ever played in the city and is sure to be a sell out. Order tickets online now from Dublin Events!

    If you make it along, feel free to post reviews of the Dublin or Belfast gig below!