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Delight for birdwatchers, as eagles reintroduced

The white-tailed eagle has been reintroduced to Ireland, over a century since they were driven to extinction.

Twelve white-tailed eagles were released in the Killarney national park. This follows successful schemes to reintroduce the golden eagle and red kite. Both species had also been hunted to extinction in Ireland.

The Rural Environment Protection Scheme aims to reintroduction other species and encourage the development of cereal plots to provide food for wildlife.

The release of the white-tailed eagles should delight birdwatchers and anyone interested in the environment in Ireland.

Enthusiasts could even join this new online network for birdwatchers I’ve just found, called Geobirds, and post sightings of the eagle in Killarney!

Exploring Glendalough Valley

The Spink Loop is an excellent loop walk with a good waymarked trail in County Wicklow. This loop includes the Glendalough Valley which is part of the Wicklow Mountains National Park. This place is located only an hour’s drive from Dublin. The trail is very well maintained and walkers will appreciate it a lot. When you get tired and hungry, you can head back to the Visitor Centre and refresh yourself at the restaurant there. Alternatively, there is a village nearby called the Laragh where there are lots of restaurants and pubs. This is also a nice place to explore the mountains in the vicinity. The great height of Lugnaquilla, the highest mountain in Wicklow, will appeal to the daring and experienced walkers. Those wanting to play it safe and just looking for a relaxing walk can choose to explore the historic sites at Glenmalure or have a picnic near the beautiful area surrounding Lough Dan. Visitors will especially want to check out the Powerscourt Waterfall here which happens to be the highest waterfall in Ireland.