Drive the Irish way

Ireland has some laws regarding its car hiring industry and there are also certain formalities which the hirer has to undergo.? A few of them are? mentioned? below.

  • You must keep your? original driving license? while driving a vehicle.
  • It is advised to go for the vehicle which you can drive and? control well.
  • The car you are hiring should meet all the safety requirements like seat belts, indicators, child locks etc. Children should avoid sitting in the front seats of a car.
  • Drunk driving is strictly prohibited.

Never take this impression that because you are a tourist you will be excused of the road laws; they apply to you as same as to their natives. And you will be punished as per their laws if caught breaking them. It is always useful to check what different road signs stand for, they may not mean what you understand them to mean. In most traffic laws throughout the world, minimum and maximum age limit applies for driving.

Policies should be looked into thoroughly while hiring cars so hidden charges don’t pop up as a bad surprise to you. Car rent not only includes the price of fuel but also the terms and conditions should be followed completely. Before signing a contract go through all necessary rules because it can later help you in case of any unpleasant situation.

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