Eighth section of Barrow Way

The eighth section of Barrow Way is a delightful walk from Leighlinbridge to Goresbridge. This section is also located in County Carlow in the Leinster province. This is an easy section to enjoy walking with a minimum of climbing involved. The distance to be covered on this walking trail amounts to thirteen and a half kilometres. Walkers can expect to spend about four and a half hours in order to finish walking on this route. Like most sections on the Barrow Way, the majority of the eighth section is also comprised of grassy track. If walkers feel a need to enter Bagenalstown, a walk along the canal bank will take them there. The Leighlinbridge is the oldest bridge on the river that dates back to 1320. Going downstream, a hill will become visible after a short distance on the west side of the Leighlinbridge. This hill is known as the Dinn Righ and it is thought to have served as the ancient seat of the Kings of Leinster. Mount Leinsterís magnificent view will once again become visible once walkers have been walking a few minutes out of Leighlinbridge. The west bank of the river is home to the Dionn Ri hill fort.

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