Eighth section of Grand Canal Way

The eighth section of the Grand Canal Way stretches from Pollagh to Armstrong Bridge. This section takes walkers through County Offaly in the eastern province of Leinster. This section is about ten and a half kilometres in length and not too hard on the average walker since there is little or no climbing to do here. Due to the relatively short length of this section, most walkers will easily complete this walking section in about three and a half hours of constant, steady paced walking. The walking terrain on this trail consists of road, track and grassy path. The final part of this section involves walking on a quiet road that will surely please those seeking peace and tranquillity. Pollagh at the beginning of this walking trail might be thought of as a small village but it really is just a scattering of houses on a bog. A little far from Pollagh towards the north, walkers can enjoy the view of the silvery patches of Brosna River amidst green mounds of grass.

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