Eighth section of Wicklow Way

The eighth section of the Wicklow Way takes walkers on a spectacular short journey from Aughavannagh to Ballycumber. This is a relatively easy route to walk on and does not present any nearly insurmountable hurdles for the casual walkers. This walking route is pretty long and stretches to about thirteen kilometres. You can expect a little bit of climbing on this route. The most you will have to climb here is about two hundred and fifty metres. Walking at a normal pace, most walkers should be able to complete this route in less than five hours. This walking trail is pretty pleasant with little or no wet or muddy paths. The climbs are also not too steep so even first time walkers will enjoy this route. There are a lot of attractive summits to be found on this walking route where walkers will enjoy delightful and breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The beautiful village of Aughrim is located on this route. This town features artistically designed granite buildings and has been voted as the cleanest town in County Wicklow since 1996. There is an attraction here called Angling For All where even disabled anglers can enjoy the sport of angling to their heart’s content. The nearby village of Macreddin is also worth visiting for its quality organic produce.

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