Eoin Llewellyn – The Light Of Dusk

West Essex Street in Temple Bar will be transformed by Eoin Llewellyn’s ‘The Light of Dusk’.

From 25 June to 7 July, the latest photographs from this award-winning artist will be displayed. The thought-provoking ‘The Light of Dusk’ is a comment on the existence of camps such as Guantanamo Bay, and the emotional experiences of those held there.

The exhibition, presented by Spiderfish, references the works of Beckett and asks perhaps uncomfortable, existential questions of presence and existence.

Eoin Llewellyn’s work has been displayed extensively throughout Ireland and he has won many awards. These include the Tony O’Malley Award and the Taylor Art Award. He has also been short listed for the AIB Award and Victor Tracey Award.

‘The Light of Dusk’ is part of a new project by Spiderfish that aims to reanimate unused areas of the city.

As part of Spiderfish, Mick Kelly helped gain permission from the owner of the building where the exhibition is taking place.

Spiderfish and Eoin Llewellyn breathed life into this otherwise dormant shop unit, fulfilling their aim of providing a platform upon which the creative can display their work.

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