Fifth section of Slieve Bloom Way

The fifth section of the Slieve Bloom Way takes walkers on a splendid walking experience that starts at Coolcreen and ends at Glenkeen. This route is easy to traverse so walkers won’t face much difficulty here. This part of the walking trail is in County Laois in the eastern region of Ireland in the province of Leinster. Walkers can enjoy a relaxing walk of almost ten kilometres on this trail. 150 metres is the highest point walkers will have to climb on this route. About three and a half hours will be required to complete this trail. A small part of this route includes walking by the riverside. The climbs on this route are not too steep. Walkers will marvel at the sheer beauty of the path through Coolcreen. Hazel woodland along the Silver River is particularly stunning. This part of the Slieve Bloom Way is probably the most pleasant on the entire walking trail. There are great views to be enjoyed from Spink Mountain. Giants Grave in Glenkeen is a popular tourist attraction that definitely warrants a visit.

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