Fifth section of Wicklow Way

The fifth section of Wicklow Way extends from Oldbridge to Glendalough. This walking route is easy to complete for average walkers. The route will take walkers through nine kilometres of relaxing scenery. The highest point on this route is about three hundred metres. Most walkers will manage to complete this trail in about three hours. You will come across some steep areas as well as forest road. When you are almost near the end of this walking path, be sure to watch out for tree roots lest you should trip over them and get yourself hurt. This walking path will introduce walkers to some truly spectacular scenery. Expect to enjoy refreshing mountain walks and pleasant woodland trails. The lakeside walks here are a delight to take. The villages of Annamoe and Laragh on this route are a nice place to stop and relax a bit. Tourists will find themselves mesmerized by the sheer beauty of Glendalough. This area is part of the Wicklow Mountains National Park. Expect to see various kinds of wonderful animal and plant wildlife in this area. Walkers will be enthralled by the superb views of the valley and the lakes and rivers in Glendalough. The city of Glendalough is historically significant with monastic churches and other archaeological sites that make this? a must see place for explorers.

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