Final section of Grand Canal Way

For the ninth and final section of the Grand Canal Way, walkers will have to begin their short journey at Armstrong Bridge and keep walking till they reach Shannon Harbour. This section of the walking trail is located in the Leinster province in the county of Offaly. This route is easy and stretches to a distance of about nine and a half kilometres. There isn’t much climbing involved on this route and most walkers shouldn’t need more than three hours to complete this walking path. The walking terrain on this route mostly consists of track. The north bank on this towpath features a lot of trees and hedges where birds can be heard chirping and adding to the peaceful ambience of this charming place. The north bank at Belmont might be a bit boggy so walkers might want to choose the south bank due to its soft bed of grass. Gallen Priory is located on this route. This is a house of Georgian architecture that reeks of Gothic influence. It used to belong to the Armstrong family but these days it has been converted into a convent.

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