Final section of Offaly Way

The third and final section of the Offaly Way introduces walkers to the sights and sounds of the route between Leabeg and Lemanaghan. Like the first two sections, this part of the walking trail is also located in County Offaly in the Leinster province of Ireland. This section is fairly easy to complete for most walkers so there should be nothing to worry about here. This route stretches to a distance of about twelve kilometres. There is very little or no climbing involved on this route so senior citizens will appreciate walking here. Walkers will need to set aside about four hours out of their busy schedules to finish walking on this path. The road on this walking trail is normally quiet. However, parts of this trail consist of narrow and winding road that might not allow enough space for walkers so care should be exercised on such parts of this trail. There’s a nice man-made artificial lake to be enjoyed on the peat land of the Turran Nature Reserve. Walkers will also be charmed by the beautiful scenery of the Lough Borra Parkland. There’s also a monastic site on this route that is worth visiting.

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