Final section of Slieve Bloom Way

The seventh and final section of the Slieve Bloom Way is located between The Cut and Glenbarrow. This part of the walking trail is easy and won’t present many difficulties to the walkers. It is located in the eastern region of Ireland in the province of Leinster in County Laois. This part stretches to a distance of about nine kilometres. There is very little climbing involved on this route. Most walkers are normally going to take three hours to finish walking on this route. The road on this walking route can be quite busy with traffic so the walkers will need to be careful to avoid any unfortunate mishaps. The road from The Cut to Glenbarrow consists of forest and tar road that goes downhill so minimum effort will be required in walking on this part of the trail. One remarkable thing about The Cut road that walkers will find intriguing is the fact that it is hand cut. They can even find markings left by those who were involved in the cutting. Walkers can also visit the blanket bog in Glendine or enjoy the waterfall at Glenbarrow.

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