Final section of Wicklow Way

The eleventh and final section of Wicklow Way will lead walkers on a marvellous trek from Raheenakit to Clonegal. This is a pretty easy route so walkers can look forward to a fun time on this walking path. This route stretches to a pretty long distance of about sixteen kilometres. The highest point that walkers might have to climb on this route is about three hundred metres high. Most walkers going at a normal pace should be able to complete this route in less than six hours. Shillelagh is a beautiful village found on this walking route. The stone houses and the courthouse of this village are truly a sight to behold. This village is situated close to the Shillelagh River below the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains. Tomnafinnoge Oak Wood is also worth visiting for it is one of the largest oak forests in Ireland. The Irish weapon Shillelagh is also named after this village and consists of a blackthorn stick. These weapons are very popular with tourists and bought by them for keeping as souvenirs. The Coolattin Estate is also a wonderful place to explore here.

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