Fine restaurants in County Derry

The Salmon Leap in Coleraine is a great place to taste the best of the salmon dishes. The selection of wines is amazing and makes dining at this place a worthwhile experience. The Sandwich Company in Derry City will introduce you to some of the best hot and cold sandwiches in the province. Homemade cakes and excellent coffee greatly enhance the pleasure of this satisfying dining experience. If you love the taste and texture of fresh fish, there’s no better place to go than Reggie’s Seafood Restaurant. They feature an exclusive selection of locally caught fish. The taste of the food is enhanced by imaginatively created delicious sauces. The Little Tea Shop is very popular with the locals and the tourists. Smoking is not allowed here and the menu offered is pretty extensive. The afternoon cream tea is a favourite of many visitors here. A nice selection of simple and well-prepared family dishes is offered for lunch.

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