Fishing in Dublin (Part-1)

Lazing amidst great scenic beauty and beautiful coast fishing takes you away from hurly-burly life for a while. It’s nothing less than a game which is as enjoyable as other things are. You get pleasure especially when you have an ample choice of lakes, rivers, and streams for fishing. Dublin features some angling clubs like Howth Sea Angling Club and fishing farms.

The North Dublin coast is occupying an area from Balbriggan to Howth and covers Skerries, Loughshinny and Rush. These are boat angling points because in May and October fishing is done through boats here. The ground type here is mainly sandy but there are reefs and rocks around islands. The fish species which inhabit these places are: Mackerel, whiting, codling, Pollack, dab, spur dog, mullet, tope, ray and many others of various types. The recommended bait is used for Mackerel, rag worm and lugworm.

Rogerstown Estuary is a fishing venue especially for bass and flatfish from sandbars on either side of the bay. It is a popular ‘bait collection area’, similar to Donabate Strand.

Malahide Estuary, situated under a railway overpass is an outstanding modern angling spot. Malahide is a picturesque town where a large pool is recently developed. It’s indeed a hub of variety of fish e.g. mullets, flounder, eels, bass and sea trout.
Then there is the Velvet Strand which runs for about 3 miles and is also an angling spot. If you go for beach fishing on the Strand it will produce bass, flounder, dogfish, codling and whiting. And the best fish is caught during surf.

On the Lower Northern side of Dublin the coast has more mudflats and sandbanks, but then it descends into a flat sandy beach. In addition, months of April and October are considered to be the best time for fishing on the coastal side.
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