Fishing in Dublin (Part-2)

Part-1 of this article reveals several angling spots in the coastal area of North Dublin. It informs you about various types of fish available in these spots and the seasons suitable for fishing.

Ireland gives ample opportunity to the tourists to enjoy the sea and its related activities especially fishing.
Howth and Sutton are well developed and have proper docks; rock and boat for anglers there. You can grab Pier whiting, Pollack, coalfish and codling in summers and autumn in the eastern and western parts of Dublin. There is a scenic cliff on a way to Bialy which should be viewed at every cost.
This area comprises of tough and dicey rocks. One needs to be very careful while crossing on foot especially. Single hook rigs are best adapted to the rocky terrain. The baits usually used and easily found in this area are: Crab, lugworm, ragworm, mussel, squid and fish baits.

Dollymount Strand is used for beach fishing for bass and flatfish; and evening tides in particularly autumns are very productive. The hotspot is considered to be the northern end of the beach where the channel joins the Sutton Creek. Fishing from the lighthouse on the North Bull Wall helps you get Pollack, coalfish, rockling, whiting, and bass. However seasons of autumn and winter are considered as the best time for fishing on this side.

Liffey Estuary has a number of slipways which eases the boats into the Dublin Bay for fishing.
Dun Laoghaire is popular amongst anglers for its boat and shore fishing. There is a bus and Dart station nearby, which makes this fishing point very accessible. There are chartered fishing vessels using this harbor as well. The commonly found species at this venue are bass, codling, Pollack, whiting, mackerel, mullet, flatfish, spur dog and tope. The ground type is mainly sand and May/October are the ‘right’ seasons for fishing there.
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