Fishing in Dublin (Part-3)

In Part-1 & 2 the coastal area of North Dublin and different angling spots are covered. Now we will take you to the southern side of this great county.

Dalkey Island, situated in the southeast of Dun Laoghaire, is surrounded by two well maintained, folk jammed harbors i.e. Bullock and Coliemore. You can get hold of small boats for general ground fishing steering from mid water through high tide. One is likely to find dogfish, plaice, dabs, coding, whiting and seasonally mackerel too.
Ahead of it is Killiney Beach which is a fishing venue for plaice, bass, coding, coalfish and Pollack. Then there is another popular boat and fishing location, Bray, where pier fishing for Pollack, coding and even conger takes place.
North Beach at Greystones is known for its fishing particularly for dab, plaice, turbot, sole and conger. Besides fishing, there is great scope for pier fishing and rock fishing here, and also small boats can be used for general bottom fishing.

A wide variety of species are found in this Coastal side of Dublin including: Bass, plaice, dab, gurnard, coalfish, conger, dogfish, plaice, codling, whiting, mackerel, ray, bullhuss, smoothound, spur dog and tope. The versatility of this location provides you with maximum methods of fishing to produce good results even if mother luck is not on your side. Baits normally used are: Crab, lugworm, rag worm and sand eel. However it’s a better to wait till the right time comes when variety of fish is available. April and December are the seasons for catching fish. The ground type is sandy but gravel and rocks are also found.

Most of these fishing places in Dublin are easily accessible through the Dart service or even buses in some cases. Moreover there are even some chartered boat services operating in this capital city of Ireland. Though one recommended caution is, “Before you venture out into the deep or even not so deep waters of Dublin, check with Dublin Ports Authority for the tides”. It’s always good to take safety as a priority.
For more details on the “Availability of fishing opportunities” visit Dublin Events.

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