Fourth section of Barrow Way

The fourth section of the Barrow Way involves trekking on the route located between Vicarstown and Athy. This section of the walking path is located in County Laois in the eastern region of the province of Leinster. The route is quite easy to complete and extends over a distance of eleven kilometres. Steep climbing is pretty much non existent on this track. Walkers should expect to spend three and a half hours walking on this route to finish it. Majority of the walking terrain on this section of the Barrow Way consists of grassy track. Once walkers leave Vicarstown behind, they will be greeted with nice views of Kilteale Hill, Hewson Hill and Bawn Hill. The countryside in this area is fairly flat. The majestically magnificent Bert House can be seen after the walkers are beyond Bert Bridge. This huge Georgian mansion is divided into seven bays.

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