Fourth section of Grand Canal Way

Walkers will have to set off on a short journey by foot from Ticknevin to George’s Bridge in Edenderry for experiencing the fourth section of the Grand Canal Way. This section is located in County Kildare in the province of Leinster. This is an easy walking route with minimal amount of climbing. Walkers will have to walk over a distance of eight kilometres on this route. It shouldn’t take more than three hours on this route from start to finish. Most of the walking surface on this route is composed of peat. After crossing Ticknevin bridge, walkers will walk through complete wilderness and won’t see another house for almost seven kilometres. After reaching Ticknevin Lock, there is a grassy path along the canal where walkers will walk through gorse bushes and reeds. The coniferous forest here sees a lot of activity from wildlife during the summer and spring. Some of the animals found here include pheasants, foxes and ducks. The western end of the coniferous forest is the location for the ruins of Blundells Castle. A church tower and a water tower can also be seen here.

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