Fourth section of Royal Canal Way

The fourth section of the Royal Canal Way is located between McLoughlin Bridge and Enfield Bridge. This section is also located in County Kildare in the Leinster province. This is an easy walking route with little or no climbing to do. This section of the walking route requires the walkers to cover a distance of about nine kilometres. Three hours should be more than enough to complete this section of the Royal Canal Way. Walkers will have to pass through Cappa Bog on this walking route. There is a waterway here located between the 17th Lock and the Cloncurry Bridge. This waterway looks quite attractive thanks to the lining of trees along it. This walking route lies on the south bank of the canal. From Cloncurry bridge ahead, walkers will be walking along the canal for about a mile. After that, the road turns into a shaded area with trees and enters Enfield.

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