Fourth section of the Slieve Bloom Way

The fourth section of the Slieve Bloom Way consists of the walking trail starting at Forelacka and ending at Coolcreen. This trail is located in County Offaly in the eastern region of Ireland in the province of Leinster. It is a relatively easy walking route that extends to a distance of about eight kilometres. The highest point on this trail is about 250 metres high. It’s a relatively short route so walkers should easily finish it in about three and a half hours. This path can sometimes be wet. Also, the first kilometre of the road can be quite busy with traffic so care should be exercised while walking here. Walkers will also come upon two small rivers that they will have to cross over small stones. Watch your step carefully and don’t walk too fast here. A firm foothold is necessary here or the chances of slipping might become too great. Walkers will enjoy walking in the forest area of Glenregan along the Camcor River. Some of the trees here were planted as far back as 1935. On their way to Coolcreen, walkers will greatly appreciate the splendid views in Glenletter.

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