Gortin Hostel

Gortin Hostel in County Tyrone provides some really nice accommodations at affordable prices. The rooms and beds at this hostel are really soft and comfortable. You can look forward to sleeping very soundly here at night. The hostel provides excellent facilities for the convenience of its guests. The kitchen is fully equipped and always ready for the cooking needs of the guests. Hot showers are available for free. The common room is the perfect place for the tourists to get together and exchange ideas and stories and make new friendships. With log fire and TV, those in favour of indoor activities will find themselves frequenting and staying in the common room a lot. A washing machine is available with a spin dryer so the guests can do their laundry in-house and not have to face the inconvenience of going to a laundry shop. The drying room is equipped with a dehumidifier to expedite the process of drying clothes. Secure bike parking ensures complete peace of mind for the bike owners. All terrain bike hire is also available for those wishing to go on a wondrous excursion of the countryside.

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