Horse racing in Dublin (Part-1)

Ireland produces thrill, anticipation and vibes for its tourists and inhabitants which are beyond words. The best way to get pleasure from it is through slow and steady ride i.e. horseback riding. There are few cultures which value horses as sacred the way Irish do; and Irish horses like Connemara are known world-over the best. A beautiful horse and scenic beauty drive you towards a perfect holiday!

Ireland provides you an ample variety of riding i.e. jumping, trail riding etc. It’s up to you to choose the sort of? riding trip you are looking for. Once you are out on horseback in Dublin, green fields, sloping hills, rural countryside with stone walls, miles of beautiful beach; perfection greets you with open arms. The rich history of the city is a pleasure to go for sightseeing on a horseback with loads of fresh air to enjoy.

There are loads of riding clubs in Dublin, which not only plan trails but also have horses for renting. There is a Brooke Lodge Riding Center on Burrow Road. Then there is also Calliaghstown Riding Centre. It is open all year around, and gives both indoor and outdoor riding lessons.

Most of these racing clubs are located in rural settings which are conveniently accessible from the main city. The rural location serves you with tranquil, relaxing and enchanting atmosphere. The outdoorsy trained riders are provided with an attractive opportunity to test their skills with the horse. In addition, you can also ride across the country which is indeed a delight itself.
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