Natasha Bedingfield live music events in Ireland

I wanna have Natasha Bedingfield’s babies!

Ahem, Natasha Bedingfield is coming to Ireland’s shores with two mind-blowing shows. You can see her in Belfast or Dublin (or both if you’re a really big music fan) in September February.

Natasha’s Belfast gig
Students will be very familiar with Mandela Hall as it’s also the students union! What an absolutely terrific setting for a live music gig for Natasha. Many of her fans in Belfast will be thrilled she’s performing live at such an intimate location. She’ll be so close to the audience you’ll feel like her soulmate.

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Forget the detail, book tickets now before it’s sold out

Dublin’s fair city
If you’ve ever been to a live music gig at Vicar Street in Dublin, you’ll know that Natasha’s voice and set will be heard and seen from every seat in the house. The venue was specially designed to provide maximum viewing and listening pleasure and the sexy diva will certainly provide lots of that.

Book your tickets for the gig at Vicar Street in Dublin now and look forward to songs that will give you goosebumps. Her voice is “the voice to melt radios”, (as described on the Natasha Bedingfield site) so enjoy the gig in Dublin or Belfast and let Natasha melt your heart.

Find out more about the live gig in Dublin

A little known fact to nibble on about Natasha…
She was part of a Christian rock group with her famous brother Daniel and little sister Nikola (also a rising star) called the The DNA Algorithms! Listen to 2 early tracks here, live!

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