Ninth section of Barrow Way

The ninth section of Barrow Way starts from Goresbridge and ends at Graiguenamanagh. This section is perfect for getting acquainted with the beautiful sights and sounds of County Carlow in the province of Leinster. Average walkers will find this section to be pretty easy. There is very little climbing to be done on this route. This section of the Barrow Way stretches over a long distance of fourteen and a half kilometres. Most walkers should be able to finish this walking trail in about four and a half hours. This trail provides walkers with an opportunity to enjoy some riverside walking that will surely have a calming influence on their minds troubled by everyday worries. The walking terrain on this route consists mostly of a grassy track. Walkers will be intrigued to know that the bridge at Goresbridge dates back to 1756 when it was built. This village is named after the Gore family. Barrowmount House used to be the residence of this family. Borris Demesne is linked to the MacMurrough Kavanagh family. This family is said to be the descendents of the kings of Leinster. Walkers can also witness the ruins of Ullard House and castle near the Ballinagrane Lock.

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