Second section of Grand Canal Way

The second section of the Grand Canal Way is comprised of the route lying between Sallins and Robertsown. This section of the walking trail is situated in County Kildare in the Leinster province of Ireland. The difficulty of this route is graded to be easy. This section of the walking path is stretched over a distance of twelve kilometres. There is very little climbing involved on this path so it should not take walkers more than four hours to complete this route. Walkers may need to cross stiles on this route. Care should be exercises here because the timber can be slippery when wet. The quay or wharf in Sallins is a pleasant place adorned with flower beds. Once the walkers are past the Leinster Aqueduct, they will find that the canal introduces them to the freshness of open countryside. The Hill of Downings can be viewed at the 18th Lock while the hills of Kildare will attract the attention of the walkers on the 19th Lock. Landenstown House and Robertsown Hotel are places on this route that warrant a visit.

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