Second section of Offaly Way

The second section of the Offaly Way starts from Kilcormac and ends in Leabeg. Just like the first section, this section is also located in the eastern region of Ireland in County Offaly that is part of the province of Leinster. This is an easy route that measures about seven kilometres in distance. Climbing is minimal so walkers who hate too much physical exertion will appreciate walking on this trail. This route should easily be covered in about two and a half hours. Walkers will get to experience various types of landscapes on this route. Grasslands, forests, wetlands and lakes can all be found here. Bird watchers will take great pleasure in walking here as the bird life in this region is quite fascinating. Those who fancy archaeology will take much delight in visiting the Mesolithic site on Lough Boora that tells us how our ancestors might have lived almost seven thousand years ago. Loch an Dochais on this trail is a lake with angling facilities for disabled people. The meaning of its name is “Lake of Hope”. This remarkable coarse fishing lake hosts the annual All Ireland Competition for disabled anglers. Bird watchers will derive immense? joy from visiting the Boora Bird Hide.

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