Discover Dublin’s deadbeats, dossers and decent skins

Find out about the scandalous and fantastic lives of infamous criminals and other leading Dublin personalities from times past, in Hidden Dublin – Deadbeats, Dossers and Decent Skins by Frank Hopkins.

The author of Rare Old Dublin has produced a great collection of true stories from the murkier regions of Ireland’s capital.

Criminal incidents, accidents, whippings, beatings, jail escapes and hangings were all a regular feature of life in Dublin in the 18th and 19th centuries. In this gripping new collection of true stories, Hopkins creates a vivid picture of violent crime in Dublin’s past. He describes the poverty, soup kitchens, food riots, street beggars and workhouses that were part of life in the capital.

He also introduces us to the weird, wonderful, and often downright strange customs and pastimes of Dubliners stretching back to the Middle Ages. These included the ‘bearing of balls’ annual parade by the city’s bachelors and the ritual humiliation of would-be bridegrooms at the bullring – not so different from today’s stag nights!

Frank Hopkins grew up in Ringsend and now lives with his family in Rathfarnham. He contributes a twice-weekly piece on Dublin history and characters to the Evening Herald and is also the author of Rare Old Dublin, published in 2002.

Hidden Dublin is published in hardback for €20.

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